All That Glitters [Chapter 8]
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All that Glitters

Four best friends. Four women from different cultures. Childhood friends who vow to always stick together as best friends through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Although they attend the finest galas and banquets, and belong to Crestview's most highly respected families, not everything is as it seems behind closed doors. Together, these friends will overcome the obstacles and hurdles in their otherwise lavish, and carefree lives.


"These girls are inseparable. They care for one and another and are very sweet and well mannered little girls. I believe they will always remain very close."
- Ms. June 2nd grade teacher at Crestview Academy

The girls having fun back in 2nd grade where they have all met. Farrah and Olivia were friends since the womb. Valentina just moved to Crestview from Colombia, and Anushri is from Maple Ridge the next town over. When they all came together they immediately clicked, forming a friendship that is destined to last for a lifetime. Here are the girls: Valentina Arroyave, Farrah Barnett, Olivia Parker, and Anushri Chopra

The four girls enjoying a wonderful day of recess.


Present Day Crestview Familes

The Barnett Family

Farrah stands next to her mother and father, Allan and Cheryl Barnett.

The Yanez Family

Valentina is with her husband Oswald "Ozzy" Yanez while he holds their adorable son Junior

The Mitchell Family

Olivia stands in the middle of her family. Her husband Duane to her right, her mother Teresa Parker on her left. Olivia and Duane's twin children Broderick & Brechelle stand up in front.

The Chopra/Patel Family

Aasif Patel stands next to his sister-in-law Anushri Chopra. To her left is her father Prakash. Her mother Gitali stands next to her Older sister Priyanka "Priya" Patel.

The Kapoor Family

Farhan stands next to his parents Anupam & Freida who are close friends with Gitali and Prakash Chopra.

The Clarkson Family

Dale Clarkson is Farrah Barnett's boyfriend. He stands next to his legally seperated, but not divorced wife Jolene and they have a daughter together, her name is Savannah-Jean. They moved to the rich part of town after Dale hit the lottery.

The Krowsinski Family

Heidi Krowsinski is Duane Mitchell's personal assistant in his insurance office and also his mistress.

The Pinfield Family

Jacob Pinfield comes from a respectable family. He is well groomed and proper, and that is why Allan & Cheryl Barnett want their Princess Farrah dating him instead of Dale Clarkson.

The Porras Family

Hector Porras is Ozzy Yanez's best friend. Hector's sister Nori has a crush on Ozzy and is very jealous of Valentina.

The Arroyave Family

Manuel "Manny" Arroyave is Valentina's cousin and he is like a brother to her. He loves to party hard and go on shopping sprees and he encourages Valentina to come with him, distracting her from her mother and wife duties at home. Ozzy, Valentina's husband thinks he is a bad influence on her.

The Norman Family

Heath Norman is an old friend of Olivia Mitchell. When words gets around that he is back in town will his return cause more harm than good?

Soon all will be revealed......

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