Strangetown Stories (Chapter 1)
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Strangetown Stories

Loner household

After signing the paperwork, Ajay Loner smiled. The house was finally his! Sure, it was small and… well, yellow, but it was his! As he was opening the door for the first time, a voice sounded from behind.
- Psst! – the voice said – Look at me, Ajay. You’re Ajay Loner, aren’t you?
Ajay turned around. He saw an adult Sim, with red hair and glasses.
- Who are you, and how do you know my name?
- My name’s George Sims. I’m a private investigator from Belladonna Cove. I’m here on an investigation. I can’t tell you anything else if we don’t go inside.
Ajay opened the door. They entered the house. Ajay said, as he closed the door:
- What do you want from me?
- I want you to let me stay here. I’ll help you with bills, I’ll cook… just tell everybody that I’m your cousin or something.

- OK then. But can you tell me what are you doing here?
- Do you know who Melissa Sims is? Do you know who Jessica Ebadi is?
- Yes, but I have never been really close to them. In fact, I haven’t seen them for a while.
- Melissa is my daughter, and Jessica is my sister. Jessica came here to work as a maid, and Melissa wanted to study at La Fiesta Tech, so I let her go and live with my sister. But I never talked to them again. And when I heard that there were some Sims who mysteriously died here, I knew. That’s why I became an investigator– George tried not to cry, but he couldn’t help it.
- Oh! I’m so sorry! – Ajay said, trying to comfort his housemate.

George was reading the newspaper when guests arrived. Ajay introduced George to them:
- Guys, this is my cousin George. George, this is Jenny Smith, she’s married to Pollination Technician #9 Smith, and he’s over there. And this is Vidcund Curious.
- Nice to meet you all – George said.
George started talking with the guests, while Ajay developed his charisma. After all, he wants to be a businessman.
Jenny Smith was very helpful. She talked about everything that has to do with Strangetown. George listened carefully.

After the guests left, George cooked dinner.
- You know Ajay, I think I’m getting into something. It was only my first day here, but I already know who is likely to have all the answers.
- Who? – asked Ajay.
- Olive Specter.

Specter household

Ophelia was studying when she received a phone call from Ripp Grunt. Ripp was her best friend since they were kids, but Ophelia is dating Johnny Smith. Ripp said he wanted to see her some day after school. “Sure”, said Ophelia.
Olive decided that it was time to retire. All that partying really made her feel tired, and now that her time is almost coming, sitting down and watching her graves seems like the best thing to do.

Meanwhile, Ophelia rolled a want to get a job. There was a job opening in Law, so she accepted it. Working makes her feel older. But it also makes her have to study more. No problem for studious Ophelia, who spends night on the telescope and even discovers new stars.
The next day, Olive woke up and decided that she wasn’t going to die before becoming friends with Ophelia. They spent the day together in front of the newly bought TV and quickly became friends.

After dinner, Ophelia asked her aunt:
- Aunt Olive?
- Yes, Ophelia?
- Will you pay my tuition for college?
- College? What are you talking about, Ophelia?
- I decided that I’m going to college. But I need someone to pay my tuition.
- Well, I don’t know. You could stay here with your Aunt Olive! I could find you a great job at the Slacker career…
- But I don’t want to be a Slacker! I want to become The Law! And I need a college degree for that. You’re rich, Aunt Olive, so why won’t you pay my tuition? – Ophelia went angrily to her room.

During the night, both women were scared by the ghosts of Melissa and Vicky Sims. But, Olive’s a Knowledge Sim, and Ophelia’s secondary aspiration is Knowledge, so no problem with that. Other than having to clean the mess afterwards.
The next day, Ophelia left for school without talking to her aunt. “Don’t play with me, Ophelia, or you’ll be making company to Lyla and Knut!”, thought Olive, as Ophelia entered the bus.

Grunt household

- Hey Tank! Come see this!
- What, Buck? I’m exercising.
- I finished my first painting! – Buck was really excited.
- Yeah, it’s amazing! – Tank replied, sarcastically.
- Shut up, killjoy.
- OK Buck, I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.

As Tank was talking to Buck, General Buzz entered the house.
- Who painted this… this… thing?
- I did – Buck replied.
Buzz was really disappointed with the painting skills of his son.
- Buck, you’ll find your talent eventually… - General Buzz went to the obstacle course.
- I told ya, kid – said Tank.
Buck was really disappointed. Ripp paid him five simoleons for the painting, as an “incentive”. But Buck was determined to become the best painter in Strangetown, and rub it on his father’s face.

General Buzz’s routine is mainly exercising. He exercises all day and all night. He’s completely fit and his natural talent is Fitness. This doesn’t leave him much time to spend with his kids, and much of that time is spent with Tank. He has found a spot in the Military career, following his father’s footsteps.
Ripp is lazy. He spends the day either talking on the phone or watching TV. One afternoon, he invites his best friend, Ophelia Nigmos, to visit him. Ophelia has been dating Johnny, another of Ripp’s friends, but that didn’t stop him from kissing Ophelia.

- Ophelia? – said Ripp.
- Yes?
- Did you know I have a job?
- You do? Me too! I’m in the Law career, how ‘bout you?
- I’m in the Slacker career. But I want to tell you something else. With me, it’s OK if you stay with both me and Johnny. After all, I’m a Romance Sim.
- I don’t know, Ripp. I’m a Family Sim, I don’t want to have an affair when I get married… I have to go, Ripp. Bye – before Ripp could say anything else, Ophelia left.

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Next: Strangetown Stories (1-2)
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