A Tale of Two Cities
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It was just a wide spot in the road; a small town in a small valley, but the people of Widespot had big problems . A virtuous woman shamed, a very strange woman pregnant at the same time, the squabbles of the old-monied families. But their problems seemed little compared to those of the little town in the next little valley. There, in Bayside Flates (where there was no bay, and not much "flat") four murders had happened. Detective Chace Z. Keller had been sent there to bring the culprits to justice, and in this town of only eighteen people that would seem like an easy case (and that's counting the deceased and children!).

Come with me and watch as Chace solves the mystery, and gets entangled with the local drama, the people of Widespot and Bayside Flates get entangled with each other, and Chace does some entangling himself.

NOTE: both of these hoods were downloaded from MTS; they come populated with people, who are "set up" with their own stories.
DISCLAIMER: I have no idea what's going to happen, or how it will turn out. I take my lead (mostly) from the characters, and with ACR adjusted to fit each person, they can still do their own thing.

Detective Chace Z. Keller seems like a prudish, cold man. But although he was orphaned as a toddler he was not deprived of love. His parents had lived with his mother's sister and their parents, and his aunt Cher Moutardes had raised him. He still had the police car he loved as a child, and he was living his dream of being a police man. He was fascinated by women's "naughty" clothes, but he told himself he didn't need a woman in his life, just his work, just the facts. Emotions were not something he could control, being charming seemed somehow devious, and women were a mystery.

Cher Montardes had lived in this little town almost as long as the Douglas family, and prided herself on knowing everyone's business. She had begun the Bayside Historical Society,, where some old books and artifacts were kept, and a few tourist things were sold. The original building was still being run to sell local fish and meat, but she had added a coffee bar. There weren't many real tourists, but people would come by just to socialize. Personally, Cher loved the little Oriental garden, which honored some of the first settlers.

She was happy to make friends with a founding family from Wide Spot, the Lands. This is Beulah Land; a simple, devout woman, her wisdom was greater than her education. We will see more of her.

One of the first thing Detective Keller did was hang out at his aunt's store; sooner or later everyone showed up here. When he pretended to play chess, a dignified elder man joined him. Chace wasted no time getting to the point with Valentine Hart; he would learn soon enough that the Hart men were creating their own chaos.


Constance Sinclair was a recluse; she was not interested in people, except as "marks"- she was a pickpocket. She loved her cabin in the woods, tending her tiny garden, and fishing in her pond. Not that she knew much about living in the wild; she never even realized that she never caught any fish because her pond was just a shallow bog. When she moved to Bayside Flats (after a mysterious fire) she fixated on Craig Douglas. The fact that he was married with children didn't concern her. When he was murdered (at about the same time as three other people) she felt it was just her usual bad luck.

Detective Keller discovered her cabin, and questioned her, but she managed to turn on the charm, even as she was thinking: God, everyone in this stupid town hates me. WHY! Just because I have a tattoo, wear black and like shades? Chace mentioned that someone at the scene of the killings had described a suspicious person, with those same things. She apologized that she had nothing to serve him for dinner, and he offered to take her out to dinner to continue their discussion. "Whatever", she thought, "At least I'll get a free meal".

Constance recognized his awkwardness, and used his discomfort to her advantage. "Can I pour you some wine? Gee, I can't remember the last time I had dinner with such a nice man". She managed to hid her snicker. By the end of the dinner, they had kissed. She ment nothing by it, but Chance had removed her from the "suspect list" and put her on his "girlfriend list" (which had not had anyone on it since he was 14).

A few days later, as Constance checked out the men at a park - especially the ones from nearby WIdespot, she also befriended a number of women. She knew how to friendly-up to people like Cher Moutardes and Daytona Beech - the old biddies that were in everyone's business. She found a special interest in the Rich Mann family, one of the richest in Widespot. She was especially attracted to the Mann heir, Junior. The fact that he was a dolt, and used to being manipulated by his mother, made her job easy. An innocent flirt, a little whistle...

and out of nowhere, Chace slapped her! Without even thinking, she slapped him back.

"MEN! So petty, so possessive." And the big shot detective held a grudge, even stooping to steal her newspapers. There was no one to report his vandalism to; besides, she had to get back on his good side. He was following her around - was he being a suspicious detective, or a jealous nut? She had big plans, and if she was careful maybe this time her luck would change.

stay tuned for Chapter 2 and meet the grieving families

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