Reloading Strangetown
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I used marka93's The Beginning of Strangetown for this story. This is meant to take a look at Strangetown's past to learn about its present. We are familiar with the general situation, but what made the residents who they are?

A fair warning, I'm taking a lot of liberties with the Maxis storyline here. Strangetown's timeline is beyond messed up. The ancestors' genetics are even worse. She hasn't been born yet, but I'm positive we'll get a green Jill.

Generation 0

A chronicle of Strangetown will necessarily have to begin before the desert town was formed. It will have to begin with the alien colony.

Report #001

The first group of settlers, consisting of two Drones and two Queens, has safely reached the planet. They will for the near future establish their places and research the suitability of this planet as an extraterrestrial colony for our species. The eldest Birth Queen has been nominated as Overseer by the home base and will regularly send reports. What follows is a quick overview of the new settlement.

The Drones have been placed in buildings similar to their usual pods. Their main task will be to generate income for our colony. They have already begun to work and improve their abilities.

As the Drone does not require much in the way of luxury, a simple and sparsely furnished living area has been designated for them.

Upstairs a room to improve their working ability is located. Both Drones seem content with their situation. They have been promised the chance to pass on their genetics if the first stage of our project, the creation of an economically stable settlement, is deemed fulfilled.

The Queen’s buildings have been created with the intention of accommodating their offspring as well, until they are old enough to take care of themselves. It has been decided that, on completion of Stage 1, the elder Birth Queen shall produce a Colony Drone, while the younger will produce a Birth Queen.

The inside of the Queen building is furnished more luxurious than the Drone building, as befits her status. Everything needed to improve herself and prepare for the task of reproduction has been given.

Report #135

The settlement has proven to be successful. The drones were commended for their hard work and given the opportunity to pass on their genes.

The younger Queen’s behavior to her designated Drone can be described as odd. It appears that she might have taken a fancy to him. Of course, given the dearth of potential mates, this may not have been unexpected, but it is slightly unnerving. I fear this planet and its occupants may have a bad influence on our group.

This section has been deemed unimportant and was removed from the final report.

Both Queens were fertilized without any complications and in fewer than average sessions, further showing this planet’s positive influence on our species.

Report #144

The new Drone and Queen have been born and appear to be in good health.

Report #170

The recent lack of replies to my reports could no longer be hidden. While there have been a number of communication issues in the past, none of them have been nearly as long as the present and the Drones are growing worried. I request a confirmation that the past 37 reports have reached you safely.

Report #208

The children are growing up well. The young Drone is doing well in his studies, preparing himself for his future tasks.

The Birth Queen is preparing herself as well. She…

There has been no contact with our homeworld since before the children were born. Around this time, given the positive reports we sent, a larger group of settlers should have arrived.

The original settlers have met to discuss our situation. It seems to be a dire one. The protocol for this emergency advises the creation of a Pollination Technician, but both Queens are past their fertility phase. It remains to wait until the young Queen has matured. The pollination of locals and creation of hybrids will ensure our colony’s survival until contact is re-established.

Our hopes rest with our children.

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Next: Generation 0, Part 2
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