Blood Brothers! Chapter 1
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Blood Brothers! Chapter 1

Blood Brothers! is a story about four Comanche friends and their families in the late 1860's Texas . . . Quanah Whitefeather and his three best friends, cleared the land and built the houses in the village, where they lived. They named the village River's Edge, for the body of water, that runs across the end of the parsal of land. The men settled here, after The Treaty Of Medicine Lodge was passed by the white man's government. The treaty offered our people churches, schools and homes in return for their land.

The four friends, Quanah Whitefeather, Sohan Hunter, Santosh Fisher and Waya Sweeney didn't want to live on a government owned reservation. Since they were all about the same age and best friends, they decided they and their families, would be happier living on their own land.

The Whitefeather family consists of Quanah, his wife Marala, their oldest son Shardul and toddler son Chandar.

The Sweeney family includes Waya, his wife Mali, their son Balik and toddler daughter Samir.

The Fisher family consists of Santosh, his wife Lali, their son Balik and his twin sister Hala.

The fourth family consists of Sohan Hunter and his wife Hita. The couple had yet to have children.

Hala, Nachik, Balik and Shardul meet in the Gathering Place to have school. Hita sees that they do their lessons and is there if they have any questions.

Lali works in the garden and after Mali puts the toddlers down for a nap, she joins her.

When Balik finished with his lessons he offered to help his mother in the garden. She told him no. Gardening was woman's work.

Cooking is also woman's work. The women take turns sharing the responsibility for feeding the village. Everyone eats meals together in the Gathering Place, with men and children eating first and then the women.

They talk to each other about their children and their daily lives, but are not allowed to discuss their husbands.

The others overlook the odd behavior of the one, understanding the reason why.

Being friends with all the members of the village is accepted and even encouraged.

But being too friendly is discouraged and unacceptable.

The men meet in the barn and decide on the rules the village lives by. They discuss any rules that need changing or new ones that need to be made. Sometimes the discussions get heated and they disagree.

But soon all is forgiven with a friendly hug between friends.

​Waya and Sohan were playing Punch Me -.Punch U in the yard. . .

"Our husbands act like little boys sometimes", said Hita.

Quanah's wife, Marala was trying to teach her youngest son (Chandar) to talk. His birthday was tomorrow and he still wasn't talking that well.

"Say 'Ma-ra-la', that's who I am", she told the toddler.
Chandar gave his mother a mad look. He's a very stubbon little boy

Quanah came over and picked him up, "Come 'mon, I'll teach you to talk", he told the toddler.
"You're too hard on the boy", said Quanah.
"Well, his birthday is tomorrow and it's for his own good. He needs to know how to express himself, before he becomes a child", she said.

It wasLali's turn to fix supper. She cooked kasha for supper.
kasha, also known as porridge, contains whole grain and vegetables. The Russion word for feast, kasha can feed many people at once

After supper, Marala held Chandar, while she watched Quanah play with their oldest son (Shardul).

Quanah seemed to be enjoying it more than his son.

Then Shardul got mad at Balik. Balik was surprised, by his friend's actions.

"You shouldn't show anger to another, if you don't want them to show anger back", Hala, told Shardul. "When I become your wife, one day, I don't want to ever see you do that to me", she said.
(Shardul and Hala, being the oldest boy and girl in the village, have been promised to each other, by their fathers)

"Hala, I heard what you told Shardul just now. He will be the head of your household, it's not your place to tell him, what he must do", Lali told her daughter.

Hita picked up Hala's doll which had been left in the yard and held it. "I'll have to ask Sohan, again", she thought to herself, "Not that it's going to do much good

She went inside their hut and relaxed on the bed and asked Sohan to join her
"I want to try for a baby again, when we do woo hoo", she told Sohan.
"Alright, I'll do my best", he said.

"I hope you have my son, growing in your belly now", he said.
"Yes, me too", dhe said.

Hita turned over and pretended to sleep, as Sohan scooted up close behind her

After Sohan had fallen asleep, Hita go out of the bed.

Then she worried, that she still ​might not​ pregnant
'To be continued . . .

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