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Hello there.
I'm new on this forum, so welcome everybody

I would like to present to you my somewhat new story. I wrote it (not in English) few years ago, also as a the sims story, but now it is, let's say, going to be remastered Better plot and better pictures, but the same characters.

The first chapter may be a bit misleading or not explicit enough (as they say, patience is a virtue) but it'll all be getting more and more clear (and more complicated too, haha).

more @

A little feedback would be appreciated.
So, here it is, enjoy

He was lying still. The same as yesterday and the day before and few more days back in the past. The woman, sitting on a chair next to the hospital bed, was getting tired of this annoying assignment. It wasn’t the kind of work she was used to. And she never will, she thought, massaging her throbbing temples. Bright lighting, irritating beeping sound, nothing to lay your eyes on, except for this strange guy, and longing for her habitual errands, were driving her nuts. Carol shifted in her chair, gazing absently at the motionless man. Although Thomas didn’t say much about the blonde lad, she disliked him already. Her being here was after all his fault .

The man’s fair hair was spread on the pillow, the dark circles under his eyes were becoming increasingly prominent with each day. The eyes... For obvious reasons Carol couldn’t see them right now, but just the thought of his irides was more than enough to make her feel uneasy. She could only imagine why Thomas ordered that the guy was brought here. Moreover, she found herself to be utterly unable to comprehend why it must be her who has to watch over this creep. He looks like some angelic yank, she reflected, how someone like that could have...
The sudden movement, slight as it was, made her start. The guy slowly lifted his eylids and grimaced slightly at the pain in his chest when he heaved himself to the half sitting position.

For a short time nobody uttered a word. Carol stared at him, completely fascinated , rapt expression at her face. She did expect such a sight, but still, not every day you can see a man with red eyes.
At the same time, John seemed thoroughly confused. He looked around, but nothing of the surroundings stroke him as familiar. His eyes stopped on Carol’s figure. He wanted to say something, but the words caught in his throat. He mouthed a few, but there was no sound coming out of his mouth. But Carol understood him at once.
‘Don’t say anything’ she muttered and made for the door, without even glancing at the disorientated man ‘I’ll call the doctor’.
‘And the boss’ she added, leaving John alone with his numerous thoughts and questions.


‘Can someone finally explain to me what is going on?!’ demanded John, dodging doctor’s hands aiming for his bruised arm. He glimpsd first at the doctor Flame, then at a mysterious woman who still haven’t revealed her name. Finally the man decided to show some mercy.
‘As I said, you don’t have to worry, it’s a hospital, we’ll take good care of you’.
The answer was too laconic to please John. But the doctor have said enough for John to realise that both of them, the woman and grey haired man, spoke with a distinct British accent. John got even more confused. And angry.
‘Hospital?’ he sighted ‘Fine, but where? What am I doing here? And why the heck am I here in the first place?’
‘You don’t remember anything?’ enquired Flame, slightly surprised, but visibly relieved.

‘Anything of what?’
‘Well, we would like to know it as well’ lied Flame ‘But you should rather be worrying about your future, not past, son’.
‘What do you mean? Worry about my future? Am I dying or what? You’ve kidnapped me?’ asked John ironically.
‘You’re not going to die, at least not today’ assured him Flame. He hesitated for a moment. ‘As for your other questions, I’m not the right man to give answers’.
John wanted to protest, but the door to the ward interrupted him. To the room entered a man in his late thirties, dressed in the ill-fitting brown suit. He had a neatly trimmed goatee beard and a moustache, rectangular glasses in thick, black frame perched on the bridge of his nose.
He nodded a greeting at the doctor and gazed steadily into John’s face.
‘Hi’ said the suited man, his mellifluous voice pierced the awkward silence ‘Nice to meet you, John, I’m Alan Thomas’.

‘You know my name’ John stated flatly ‘What is this place? Why are you all so secretive? I have my rights!’
Compared to Thomas’ posh accent, John felt that his own sounded almost barbaric.
‘Rest assured, you'll receive the best of care. In few days you will be fresh as a daisy!’
Everybody skilfully skirted around the subject. It annoyed John intensely.
‘For fuck’s sake, where am I?!’
‘Well, you’ll have to know eventually’ Thomas sighted heavily. ‘We are in the nail factory’.
John was taken aback.
‘The nail factory’ repeated Thomas casually. ‘You know, those little metal things that you try to hammer to a wall and end up striking a finger home instead’.
‘Don’t make fun of me’ said John indignantly.
‘I am not. It really is a nail factory. At least, this is what we want people to think’.

‘You could try being more open with me, you know?’
‘There is time for everything’ declared Thomas ‘Now rest, we will speak again, and then I’ll explain, I promise’.
John looked at Thomas suspiciously. He didn’t believe in single word of the man’s little speech. He couldn’t know, but he should have, because every bit of what Thomas said was true.

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Next: Chapter 1
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