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Take Care (Teenage Drama)
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About the Story:
Season One
Mimi is a 16-year old girl whose never lived up her high school days before, but all this changes when Kyle Hammon, a very popular, school playboy, confronts her in the school hallway. Kyle is baffled by the way Mimi treats him like he's nothing special but doesn't want to fall for her either, because his best friend Anthony Luca has set his eyes on her so suddenly. And what Anthony doesn't know is that Mimi has a had a crush on him since the 6th grade.

Kyle confronts his other friend Dylan about his situation, Dylan advises Kyle to follow his own heart even though Dylan hasn't had many serious relationships before until he meets Jenny. Jenny is one of Mimi's closest friends and is going through a rebellious phase with her parents. She constantly writes in her journal about her emotions and personal problems. Dylan makes Jenny consider sharing her journal with him and his band, so they can produce songs from it.

As Jenny continues to hang out with the band, she begins to gain more friendships with Kyle, Anthony, and Flint. Flint is a farm boy with a kind heart and ends up giving it to Asia, another one of Mimi's closest friends. Asia is an adopted, mixed girl, born and raised in a well-accustomed Japanese family. As she becomes closer to Flint, she disobeys her father and soon ends up in an unexpected turn in life.

As this group of teenagers begin to get closer to one another, they don't realize the jealousy, drama, and danger life has in store for them. Will some make it through high school? Or will some fall apart?

- Take Care

And if interested to learn more about the story and get more intel on the characters, visit takecare.com

Take Care 1.01: Nothing Like The First Day

Theme Song: Lifehouse "First Time"



Mimi stood outside the high school doors checking in her palm-held mirror.
She wanted to make sure she looked perfect before walking down the halls. It was the first day of school and it was her junior year at Spoto High School. And she wanted to take high school full on this time year around. Not to miss a single thing other than cheerleading practice and games. Not miss the feeling of having a first kiss... or a boyfriend.


As she walked through the door to her classroom hall she froze in fear as everyone stared at her with confusion. It was rare for the school to receive students and a very small city they all lived in together.

Mimi blushed and noticed her best friends that were residing on the lockers. So she decided to sneak up on the two while they were side tracked with their conversation.

The two girls were her best friends Jennifer and Asia. They've been close since elementary, she had three but people grow up and people change


“Oh come on Jenny! I didn't have a choice in my classes this year, you guys know my family is Japanese and are the strictest people you know”, said Asia getting upset.

“Of course I know that! But your electives are boring as hell. How do you put up with them choosing your electives for peeps sake!” Jenny said getting mad. Asia’s parents were such Debby-downers.


They continued their little squabble until Jenny noticed Mimi walk behind Asia.

“OMG, Mimi...is that you!” Jenny shouted.

“ Will you quit shouting?” Asia whispered. She had noticed all the people in the hall staring at them because of Jenny's loud mouth.

“Yah, you guys like the new do?” Mimi said rubbing her head a bit embarrassed with all the attention she was getting.


On the other side of the hall stood another posse.

“Hey guys, who’s the new girl?” Flint said staring at her from across the hall.

Dylan shook his head at his silly friend as he said, “Flint, we don't get new kids”.

“That's not a new girl dummy, that's Mia Ashton”, Kyle had said. Mimi's real name was Mia, but ever since she was little she went by Mimi.

Their friend Anthony walked over to join the conversation.


Jenny and Asia were quite surprised with Mimi's makeover. Ordinarily she was known as the geek looking teenager and now she was the total opposite.

Mimi whispered to her friends, “Is he looking?”

Asia turned her head quickly to the posse that stood on the other end of the hallway and said hysterically, “Oh yeah he is!”

Mimi smiled. She was glad her new do impressed her long time crush, Anthony Luca.


Anthony kept staring at Mimi, he couldn't recognize who she was and then asked, “Who’s the new girl?”

Kyle was getting annoyed with everyone. How could they not recognize a simple transformation? Mimi only took her glasses off and let her hair down and maybe changed her wardrobe. Why was he the only one that could tell it was her? It's not like they were buddies either.

“My gosh, it's Mimi”, Kyle said in an annoyed tone.

Anthony was still lost he didn't know a Mimi,” Who?”


Kyle was about to walk away but he wanted to explain just so Anthony didn't embarrass himself later, “The girl we've had a class with just about every year”.

Anthony was still quiet, so Kyle went more into depth,” The one who wore the geeky blue glasses and never let her down”.

“ Oh, dude I think she likes me. I mean I think I caught her staring at me a couple times last year, it kind of creeped me out.


The first bell rang and everyone was off to first period.
Mimi and Jenny walked to their first period class together.

“Are you ready to see who our classmates are?" Jenny asked Mimi.

“ Readier than ever, lets go!” Mimi said literally trolling through the door.

They walked in the English class door.


“Why, why first period?” Mimi said grunting.

The last thing Mimi wanted was Anthony sitting behind her again in class. Each year somehow the teachers managed to sit Anthony behind her. Maybe it was their last names and the alphabetical order or maybe god hated her


“ Well this should be an interesting year”, Anthony said.

Kyle recognized the seating order was always the same thing just about each year. He thought to himself, "Hopefully our senior year they will mix it up."


The teacher, Mr. Cowaski took a deep breathe before speaking already he had a feeling this class is going to be the crazy one. Especially, since he had Dylan Stewart in it. Every teacher in school talked about his behavior and the principal was his best friend literally.

“ Has anyone seen Dylan?” Mr. Cowaski asked the class.


Dylan walked through the door tardy. He didn't care much about being late but taking his time came first to him. In other situations teachers mistake him for a bad boy and so he just goes along with it.

“ Is there a reason you are tardy Dylan?” Mr. Cowaski asked Dylan.

“ Yah I went to use the bathroom”, Dylan said. Mr. Cowaski was pretty silent for a minute. “What I can’t pee!” Dylan asked annoyed.

“ I'll let that slide since it's the first day but next time you're tardy. Take a seat in front of me please”, said Mr. Cowaski staring Dylan down.


Dylan took the front seat and looked behind and next to him. He noticed the empty row.

“ Why do I have to sit in the empty row?” Dylan asked.

“ Because...you have quite a reputation here” said Mr. Cowaski.

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Next: Take Care 1.02: Rejection
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