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After The Apocalypse
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Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my story's thread!
For those who followed my last Legacy, with the Stephens, the save got corrupted somehow and even my back up failed. SOO I got frustrated and now that I'm okay with working on stories again, I decided to do the Rebuild the World Challenge with a few minor tweaks. The biggest one is that rather than starting my sims from children, they're teenagers. Mainly due to the fact that kids surviving on their own as the last two living people really doesn't make sense as they can't care for themselves. So I made them teenagers. That's the only change I really made. Other then that, its mostly the same.

***I also MAY turn off aging for the sake of story telling, but all skills and such will only be learned when aging is ON.***


GENERATION ONE-Abigail Keith & Chester Bagley: A deadly computer virus known as the Corruption Plague has invaded the world of the Sims 3. It has wiped out all humans, ravaged their towns, and destroyed their buildings. All traces of sim life have disappeared into oblivion. But all hope is not lost. Somehow, two sims have miraculously survived. Both are young, Abigail is only 16, and Chester is 17, but they alone are the ones who are going to restore humanity. Neither one had an easy start to life, they were children when the plague started 10 years ago. It spread quickly, and those infected died just days after getting it. Humanity tried it's best to stop it, but in the end, it was useless. Then natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes destroyed everything else, and most of the other survivors. Abigail and Chester were lucky to meet up, and both were the last of their groups to make it. Out of pure chance they met and over the course of a year the built an underground shelter, complete with all the necessities. How much further will they progress? Will humanity be restored? Or will the last hope for sim kind vanish?

After The Apocalypse Blog

Keith Family Tree May Contain Spoliers

These are in no real order, they're ALL stories I love!

-None here yet! Feel free to tell me about your story and I'll gladly check it out! If I really love it, it'll be here! (:

Custom Content

There are simply some things that without having them in my game, I would not be able to tell the ATA story like I do, or any story at all really.
This is honestly one of the best things that I've downloaded, and it's so helpful in telling stories!
by Granthes
by Newshoes.

Another incredibly useful object! Very helpful for placing sims in the right spot and getting the scene exactly how you want it!


No sims available for download at the moment. Will post at request/after each gen.


Click Next: Gen. 1: Abigail Keith. 1.1 "A Whole New World" to continue...

Next: Gen. 1: Abigail Keith. 1.1 "A Whole New World"
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