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Surviving Life
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Hey, my name is Hanna Richards and my life is not something you would call usual. It all started when I graduated high school. As I went to a boarding school, my father, whom I’ve never had a good relationship with, didn’t need to do anything for me. I worked part time, so I could pay for my education and didn’t live at home, so there was no problem. However, when I went home after graduation, which he obviously didn’t go to, he said that I couldn’t stay with him. So, with all my money, including the amount I inherited from my mother, who died when I was four, I bought an empty lot.

So here's where my story starts, keep in mind that one thing I did learn from my father. And that is manipulation. But enough for now, you’ll see it in a moment.
Chapter 1.

When I arrived at the lot I purchased, I saw one of my neighbours and thought I should introduce myself. Seeing he was into me, I asked him to let me in. He did.

We had some fun, I even found a guitar, which I love. I low key had the urge to steal it, as that’s what I planned to make a living with.

Then I asked him if I could stay for the night, which he allowed. (Woah, could you have guessed?)

Turns out, it’s rude to have a bath at someone’s house after a sleepover... I was asked to leave immediately, at least they could have let me have a shower.. Rude much?

I went home and checked if there was any available job in the music department and I found one, which I was extremely excited about.

As I had a day till starting, I decided to look for a public restroom, where I could wash myself a little.

When I still had some time to kill, I called a few of my friends and had pretty cool chats with them.

I then ran into Kenji’s /the first guy's/ sister, Hailey with whom we hit it off real fast.

In the evening I met another one of my neighbours, whom I really like, I have to tell you. I mean those tattoos…

Surprise, surprise!
But, he let me stay for the night and didn’t freak out when I took a freakin’ bath.

The next day started out pretty uneventful, I put myself together in the morning and headed to work. I had a great first day, by the way, I met some cool musicians too. Then in the evening I was back hoping for accomodation.

We kinda slept together. But nothing happened, I promise.

In the morning I was starving and couldn’t stay for breakfast because he had to go to work. I decided to go buy some fruit, because that’s basically the only thing that doesn’t need cooking.

Had an idea while eating.. What if I plant an apple tree? I tried it, hope it’s gonna work out.

Yeah, this I’m not so proud of… But. Buuut, I found 2 gramms of plutonium, which was definitely thrown out by accident, because it was literally labelled, so it had to belong to a collection or something. It was my lucky day as it was worth $1310. I also got my hands on a paperella, which sold for $40. Not that bad.
On this money, I got a shower, a toilet and a bed. Couldn’t have wished for more. Next purchase is gonna be the guitar though, you know keeping my priorities straight, haha.

I think I’m the prime example that you can’t take life too seriously or you’ll fail. Sometimes, you’ll need to think outside the box, and use all your resources. Even if those resources are people.
Here I am now, happy and careless. Coming at you next week with another little story, as I’m pretty sure some cool stuff is gonna happen. Plus, an update on that apple tree, ’cause I know you’re all dying to know...
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