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The Guy Next Door - Chapter 1: The Storm [Discontinued]
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I'm back with writing stories. My old story as some of you may know was going well until my neighbourhood got lost after an issue I had. I've had to discontinue it but you're free to read what I had put so far. I had nearly 30 chapters, too Here's a new one that will hopefully be as liked as the last.

Unfortunately, I lost all the custom content and data I had from sims after my external hard drive (that I had it backed up on while moving to a better PC) got wiped by an error in windows. I've been recovering my CC but it's pretty much hopeless to try and get this back. It hurts because I wanted to do something with this story, but alas, it was not meant to be

The rain was heavy, storming and hitting Jenna on every single part of her body, drenching her as she carried her bags through the torrenting street. The thirty minute walk from the coach station felt like thirty hours; she couldn’t wait to be inside her new house just to be able to open her eyes without the fear of them being hit with the droplets coming from above.

She noticed a bus shelter and rushed over to get some dry for a moment. She slumped down on the hard, rusting bench and took a deep breath. As she saw a bus in the distance, she admitted defeat and scrambled for her purse for some change.

Carrying two suitcases and several handbags on the bus was pretty horrendous, but at this rate, all Jenna wanted was to get home… or what she wanted to now call home. As she threw her bags and suitcases down at the back of the bus, she slammed onto the seat and let out a sigh. Patting her pocket for her phone, she took it out and looked at it. “0 messages”. No one had noticed she had gone yet, but soon they would come in from her worrying friends who would notice that her stuff had gone from her flat in London and left an obscure note.

As the bus pulled up by the lighthouse, she walked up to the house she had bought cheap on a whim. With the rain still pouring, she got up to it as fast as she could; the hills felt steeper than anything, though. She sprinted to the steps, getting out her keys from one of her bags, opening the door and falling in. She looked around; not her dream house but she could make it so.

Click Next: Chapter 2 - Relaxing... and Unrelaxing to continue...

Next: Chapter 2 - Relaxing... and Unrelaxing
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