Cheri Blum Floral Prints, Sofa/Loveseat sets, Table Lamps, Wallpapers, Floors

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Uploaded 29th Sep 2006 at 3:20 AM

These are my first recolors ever. I hope to get better at
this, but I wanted to share some of the decor I have in my own apt. Cheri Blum is noted for her floral art, usually on parched or cracked linen. Most of these prints are meant to mix & match. I hope you like them. I am also working on floral-accented, crackle-finished, tables/pieces to match.

This set includes:
3 Sofa/Loveseat sets
2 Sofa/Chair sets
2 Table Lamps
9 Pictures
9 Wallpapers
4 Floors

Credits: Bamboo Table from Skankyboy's really cool Bamboo collection:

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