The Old Country Mill

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2006 at 1:17 PM
Updated: 2nd Jul 2009 at 5:41 PM
lot : 4x3
price : 113 167
bedr : 2
bathr : 2

Furnished : Yes
Landscaped : Yes
Hack free. Played, Tested with CleanInstaller, I have FFS in my computer.

The main idea of this lot is a renovated old mill, I saw something like it in the Queen's Hamlet of the Versailles Castle. I had an unused mesh from FeeEssen for the waterwheel (dont be afraid if it is a sink ) then I put with it some walls, some water and a ton of objects and I share it ...

The mill is in a large garden very nice for your pets (those of the pics are only decoratives).
You reach the house from one the the 2 bridges, there is 2 entrances, one was where the corn arrived, the upper was for the staff.

Downstair you have the foyer and a large kitchen.
Upstair there is the living room,
the child bedroom and the main bedroom (found in a new site with a friendly policy delphine)
For the bathroom, I had not the pipes so I have to let it in it previous place, outside, over the river...

Credits and my thanks to the following tallented creators of the included custom content :
- windows and doors, dog house : JWoods, windows recolors by Ailias
- waterwheel, spining wheel,milk pot : FeeEssen
- lost cabinet, lost and found trees : Numenor
- main bed, a paint : delphine at
- parts of the kid set : bienchen83
- curtains : Helena
- kitchen : simtomatic
- bucket toilets and sink : supertramp
- cat : Mickyss and hissite
- dog :
- horses : Dragon Slave
- flowered plants and flower boxes : macarossi
- flower boxes : MaryLou
- plants & trees : kate at parsimonious
- well, charette :
- big tree simfantastic2
- fruit trees : simaddict99
- grass plant : Hchangeri
- boulder :

All additionnal walls and terrain-paints by myself.

In the rar file there is 2 Sim2Pack, the second install the windows and doors package (I had a problem to package them).
If you want to upload any of this custom content to an other site than MTS2, please read their creator’s policy.
For me it's easy : except for the lot itself, do what you want with free sites.

For a neighbourhood view, look in the screenshots area.

Have fun with this lot