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11 Cobble Lane - Starter Home with Swimming Pool - $19,486

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Uploaded: 19th Jan 2007 at 9:23 PM
LOT NAME: 11 Cobble Lane
PRICE: $19,486
CUSTOM CONTENT: 6 floors and 2 wall coverings by myself (included)


A lovely little grey and white starter home complete with two unfurnished double bedrooms, one furnished bathroom (includes bath/shower combo, expensive toilet, sink and mirror), an open plan living/dining area (sofa, coffee table, TV, stereo, dining table and chairs included), and a furnished kitchen (oven, smoke alarm, sink, counters and fridge). A wall phone and burglar alarm are also included.

At the back of the house there's a swimming pool (diving board, pool ladder and lights included), and there's also some free space which could be used for outdoor dining and/or a hot tub.

Finally, there's a driveway for use once your Sims have enough money for a their first car.

I have all of the expansion packs, but as there are no Pets items included in the lot, it should work fine without that EP.

The lot is totally hack free!

As always, comments are very welcome, and if you download the house, or just like it, please don’t forget to say thanks - happy simming