Italia Eyeshadows - 10 colors

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Uploaded: 24th Jun 2007 at 11:11 PM
Updated: 5th Aug 2007 at 3:37 AM

This file included 10 colors/shades of my most recent (and one of my better) eyeshadow sets that I've made. The color isn't elaborate, it's simple and clean, a basic eyeshadow. The alpha extends mainly above and on the eyelid, but the shadow extends below the eye for a soft color effect. In the set, I've included natural colors and... colored colors? Haha. X_X It also looks great with any eyeliner.

Enjoy! <33

Additional Credits:
Skintones: GLANCE, Chaz Designs, Louis, Peggy, Enayla
Eyebrows: Helaene, Sera
Hair: Rose
Eyeliner in comparison: Bruno
Lipstick: Bruno
Eyes: Exnem, Bruno, Closet Fusion, Shuldig, Brianna (exnem recolors)
Necklace: Bruno
(god, my downloads folder is flooded with Bruno's stuff X_X)
Outfit: coming soon...