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"Emilio Cañizares" by boolPropped

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Uploaded: 23rd Jul 2007 at 9:49 AM
Updated: 25th Aug 2008 at 4:27 AM by boolPropped

Emilio Cañizares was introduced to my game over a year ago when I decided to enter a contest on S2C called "MANHUNT International." When I was all done sculpting his gorgeous face, I couldnt believe the masterpiece he had turned into. Emilio is, by far, my favorite Sim and may just possibly remain my favorite Sim forever. Be good to him and enjoy!

Please do not claim Emilio as your own or enter him into any competition anywhere. Thank you!


In My Game: Emilio is a quiet family-man who values spending a quiet night at home, away from the hustle and bustle of the working world. He is married to his lovely wife, Carmen, and has four children (Milo, Maritza, and twins Anabelle and Rosa).

Custom Content by Me:
- Emilio Cañizares

Custom Content Included:
- Lin @ ShinySims - Brow B by helaene
- SBS Blues 05|simsbysarhra.com by sarhra
- helaene - lovely lashes (no undereye) by helaene
- necrodog beard modified by dunner1 by dunner1

Additional Credits:
Dark Tan Skintone by Ren
Emilio's Hair is Maxis, included in the Seasons EP
Emilio's outfit is Maxis, included in the H&M Fashion SP