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SimlingtonHomes The Eleganre

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2008 at 3:12 AM
Updated: 19th Oct 2008 at 4:01 PM by Heisei2007 - CC List
Hello Again! This home, is a VERY luxurious, elegant, and fine home for wealthy Sims. This home only requires 3 Expansion packs and is fully decorated/furnished.


-2 Stories High

-4 Bedroomed (Including Master Suite Bedroom, Guest Room, and Two for Children or other people)

-3.5 Bathed (Master Bath, 2 Other Bath, and Regular Bath)

-First Class Elegant Kitchen (Island, Fire Alarm, and Decorations)

-One Car Garage (No-Car Included)

-Loaded with All Safety Equiptment (Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, Few Telephones)

-Piano and Book Room (Family)

-Small but Fine Living Room

-Formal Dining

-Casual/Regular Dining

-No Stairs but I changed it to an Elevator!


-Small Play Room before Master Bedroom

-Open-to-Foyer View from Second Story

-Enjoy the Wonderful Elegant House!

-Custom Content-

Annie Modular [Sofa] by blake_boy

65" Panasonic TH-65PZ75OU Plasma HDTV by Fresh-Prince

Georgian Manor Set [Window] by phoenix_phaerie


Exterior Detail

Small Living Room Beside The Kitchen

Formal Dining

Piano and Book Room

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: $190,982