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icedmango's Great and Tender Clearistic Eyes as Defaults!

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Uploaded: 26th Jul 2008 at 10:58 AM
I really love the Great and Tender eyes from this set (and pretty much all of icedmango's eyes, really) so I made a personal set of defaults out of them a while ago. But I like sharing things I've made, so I decided to do up all the rest of the eyes and upload them here.

I have made it so that every eye is available as a default for every color. That means everyone will be able to choose whatever they want. You can have all green eyes or trick the game into thinking brown is recessive. Whatever you want to do.

These are default replacements, so they override the game's original eyes, and you can only use one default replacement per eye. Use only one file from each folder and do not use with someone else's default eye set or your game will catch on fire. I kid you not. To remove them, just delete them from your Downloads folder.

If you like these eyes but are not interested in defaults, the non-defaults are here on MTS2 if you missed them:


The files are labeled to correspond with these pictures:

I will probably make a full set of contacts, but no guarantees as to how soon. I almost went mad from this project alone. xD But if you need some default-matching contacts for now, check out my upload here: Contacts that use your default eye textures!

Additional Credits:
icedmango deserves all the credit here. Her eyes are just wonderful. <3

She has a lovely site, too, so don't miss it:


SimPE, and all the people associated with it, of course.