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Maxis Mesh Project: "Bumblebee" Casual & PJs for Tykes

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Uploaded: 23rd Aug 2008 at 5:53 AM
Updated: 25th Oct 2008 at 1:20 PM - Updating for MTS Categories

More skinning for the Maxis Mesh Project! Here is a recolor of Maxis' basic toddler dress mesh. I edited the shoes on this one to be high socks for toddler girls, because I wanted to extend the option of having this be casual wear as well as pajamas. Barefoot doesn't work with me and sims casual wear.

The Bumblebee on the chest of the dress is hand-drawn, and if you look closely, you may notice that the grey on the toes of the socks are darker - it took a little bit of patience to get right, but at least their toes will stay snugglier during Seasons-induced winters.

Please, do not upload my work to pay sites. Feel free to use my textures/recolor my outfits, but give me credit for the base. And please take the time to leave a comment and/or hit the thanks button.

Additional Credits:
Hair by Maxis