The Bright Sword Resort

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Uploaded 18th Sep 2008 at 9:45 PM · Updated 14th May 2009 at 9:17 PM by lauralaima

Huge list of Custom Content Included ahead

You've been warnded!

Wooooaaaah I can't believe I've finally done it! I've made a hotel yeah!!!

Now the cool stuff:

Neverending Sunlit Days Inc Presents: The Bright Sword Resort
Are you ready to go through your best holidays ever? If so, get to the Bright Sword Resort, a complex castle placed by the sea, where you'll live a new concept for comfort and entertainment.
Willing to ride a horse across the tranquil beach in the twilight?
Ready for some sword lessons?
Or maybe what you are looking for is just to lie on our soft white sands?
All these unique experiences and more are waiting for you in the Bright Sword Castle, the castle of your dreams!

Take a look at the master suite

There are 9 suites + 1 master suite, all of them with its bathroom and TV set. Some of them also have balconies.

Inside the castle you'll find also a restaurant, the sword-lessons training hall, a relax zone (massage table and sauna) and a domed hall where you'll find a worshipable pilar of water (this is by Parsimonious). Outdoors you'll find the beach, the bar and the horse riding fields.

Now the boring stuff :
There are 2 versions for this lot:
- Residential UNFURNISHED -> the only cc included is the one shown in the exteriors, this is, building stuff
- Hotel -> fully furnished (obviously...) it's of course a 5 stars . In order to get the COMPLETE HOTEL AS SHOWN IN THE PICS you must download 2 files: TheBrightSwordResortPart1 and TheBrightSwordResortPart2
I used Marvine's precious rock stairs: this means they'll appear in your game and they'll work perfectly BUT you won't be able to use them in the build mode. If you want to, install them as explained here
Also I used Marvine's animated spiral stairs, so in case you don't have them, you must download the file which contains the animations for it here -> the file that ends ''ANIMS''.

Now the scary stuff...

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price: 5 stars hotel

Custom Content by Me:
- Irish pub chair red recolor

Custom Content Included:
- Medieval Gothic column by Marina
- Medieval Gothic column recolor by Marina
- Medieval Gothic balustrade by Marina
- Medieval Gothic fence with column by Marina
- Simple Two-story Buttress by Magick Modders
- Rosette window by Magick Modders
- Rosette window colours3 by Magick Modders
- Rosette window white marble frame by Magick Modders
- Birch Tree Shrubby Larger by khakidoo
- Birch Tree Shrubby by khakidoo
- Cypress Based Shrub by khakidoo
- Narrow Cypress Base by khakidoo
- Ailias Modern PedimentThe Sims 2 - Needs Translation - Batch15 by Ailias
- Path to Meadow by Salix Tree
- Mini-Pediment in Stucco by macarossi
- Rock Stairs by Marvine
- Rock Stairs recolor by Marvine
- White Wall by Margierytka
- Statley Lion by gromit
- Statley Lion by gromit
- Arched Window 1 Tile by macarossi
- 1 Tile Window with Surround by macarossi
- window Mediterranean 2 tile V2 by macarossi
- Blue Transparent Tile by RGiles
- "A Fairy Tale Romance" Double Archway by Kate
- fairytaleromancedoubledoor-RClight by Kate
- "A Fairytale Romance" Double Door by Kate
- fairytaleromancedoubledoor-RCligh by Kate
- "A Fairytale Romance" Single Archway by Kate
- fairytaleromancesinglearch-RClight by Kate
- "A Fairytale Romance" Window by Kate
- "A Fairytale Romance" Window - Diagonal by Kate
- k8-fairytaleromancewindowa-RClight by Kate
- "A Fairytale Romance" Tall Window by Kate
- "A Fairytale Romance" Tall Window - Diagonal by Kate
- fairytaleromancewindowc-RClight by Kate
- ATS Irish Pub - Bar 001 by Sandy
- ATS Irish Pub - Bottle of beer 001 by Sandy
- ATS Irish Pub - Dining chair 001 by Sandy
- ATS Irish Pub - Dining Table by Sandy
- ATS Irish Pub - Glass of beer 001 by Sandy
- ATS Irish Pub - Restaurant podium 001 by Sandy
- irishpub_glassbeer001_more by Sandy
- Gothic chamber door recolor by Magick Modders
- Gothic chamber door by Magick Modders
- AquaPlus Shower Stall by HugeLunatic
- Georgian French Double Doors by phoenix_phaerie
- Elven Dining chair by Lethe_s
- wall panels of wood by Bonky
- Bath Tub "Biwa" by -Maylin-
- UK1967_Medieval_Barrel by UK1967
- UK1967_Medieval_Barrel recolor by UK1967
- UK1967_Medieval_Cannon by UK1967
- UK1967_Medieval_Cannon_Balls by UK1967
- UK1967_Medieval_Cannon recolor by UK1967
- UK1967_Medieval_Dynamite_Box by UK1967
- UK1967_Medieval_Dynamite_Box recolor by UK1967
- UK1967_Medieval_Weapon_Sword_1 by UK1967
- by Margierytka  by Margierytka
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by Marvine
- Knight On The Tiles by gromit
- Three Tile Wallbanner by Lethe_s
- Two Tile Wall banner by Lethe_s
- Wallbanner by Lethe_s
- Tapestry recolor by Starangel13
- Tapestry recolor - arwen blue by tiggerypum
- Foal - Lucy by Dragon Slave
- Mare - Ginger by Dragon Slave
- Stallion - Blackbird by Dragon Slave
- Treasure Chest by JohnBrehaut1
- Warrior Sword Stand by JohnBrehaut1
- "A Fairytale Romance" Single Door by Kate
- fairytaleromancesingledoor-RClight by Kate
- "Imperial" Wall Candle Lamp by Kate
- brasserie_menu001 by Sandy
- "Cloud Temple" Altar of Elements - Water by Kate
-  by Kate
- "Wandering" Gypsy Hotel Door by Kate
- "Wandering" Gypsy Hotel Door recolor by Kate

Additional Credits:
Modders from Parsimonious, GUYS YOU ROCK WITH THAT FAIRYTALE THEMED SET, thank you forever!

Number of bedrooms: 5 or more
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Unfurnished Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Beach Lot

Tags: #Medieval, #Fairytale, #Fairy, #Tale, #Hotel, #Beach, #Bright, #Sword, #Resort, #lauralaima