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Doll Haus-for 5th Birthday

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2009 at 4:41 AM
Updated: 24th May 2009 at 3:50 AM
I originally created this haus back in December of '08 and never found an appropriate time to upload this to MTS2, until now! It's all because of the MTS2 5TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! What 5 year old doesn't want to play with miniatures?!? The concept is that it's a real dollhaus that you can close and put away. This is why I included "moveable" furniture on the patio - which is actually a mat or carpet underneath the haus. The entire haus is built with this in mind. The Sims has always been like a "living" dollhaus to me, so I thought I would create one they could actually live in too! I hope you enjoy this creation as much as I do!

I have playtested this haus several times and have worked out all the bugs. ALL items are useable! It is also truly "Seasons Proof" (see snow pic below) thanks for Numenor's "Seamless WallWindow(diagonal)"! Please see the list of amenities below!

NOTE: All of the living levels are connected so your simmies don't have to walk outside to get from the left side to the right by a "hinge room" located in the very centre of the haus. The only rooms NOT connected are the living room and playroom due to aesthetic reasons. The sims I have tested this with never had any playtime issues with this.


Fully furnished
2 Bedrooms
2 1/2 Bathrooms
kitchen with dinette
formal dining room
living room
play room
large patio
large fishable lake (seasons) with fountain



Main Living Level
*Library/Den - bookshelf, heater (seasons), seating and decorative items
*Kitchen - dinette with seating for two, all appliances, sink, shelf with decorative food items, smoke alarm and misc. decorative items

Second Living Level
*Spiral Stair Landing - wall phone, decorative items, full bath and ladder leading up to the living room
*Bedroom #1 - double bed, dresser and decorative items

Third Living Level
*Living Room - art easel, seating, television and decorative items


Main Living Level
*Formal Dining Room - dining table that seats six and decorative items
*Conservatory - piano (yes, it's playable), seating and decorative items

Second Living Level
* Bedroom #2 - double bed and decorative items (there's room for a small dresser but I didn't place one in the room for the download)
*Spiral Stair Landing - full bath, wall phone and decorative items

Third Living Level
*Playroom - toys for children (and playful adult sims) and toys for toddlers.


-In order for the "open walls" to appear this way you MUST DOWNLOAD Numenor's "Seamless Basic Set" which you can get HERE. If you do not get at least the basic set the walls will appear as regular walls and will void the dollhaus effect.
-The "invisible driveway/extension" by roddyaleixo did not show up with the CC detection so you can download it HERE.

(Be sure to thank them when you download their items!)


-I highly suggest downloading rebecah's "toddler stairs" to make gameplay easier. You can pick it up HERE. This will make it possible for your toddlers to climb the stairs and ladders. Make sure you download the one that is appropriate for your game.
-I have placed two driveway extensions in front of the haus. They use the "invisible driveway/extensions" by roddyaleixo. In the pic below I show where they are located. The cars in the pic are NOT included with this download and are Maxis anyway.

Check out the pics below!

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 130,433

Custom Content Included:
- Zamia by Macarossi
- Leafy Veggie by HChangeri
- Leafy Veggis (Purple Cabbage) by HChangeri
- Pineapple by HChangeri
- Pint of Tomatoes by HChangeri
- Small Food Box by HChangeri
- Chimeway & Daughters Saloon Piano by pacotacoplayer
- Seamless WallWindow (diagonal) - by Numenor by Numenor
- Just a ladder - by Marvine by marvine
- Just a ladder (Raw Wood Recolour) by marvine
- Aubretia by macarossi

Additional Credits:
Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on Creator Feedback Forum! Without you I would NEVER have completed this!