Umbrella Male All Ages T-Shirt

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Uploaded 25th Sep 2009 at 10:33 AM · Updated 1st Feb 2015 at 3:44 PM by Nysha

-Please keep in mind that this is my first attempt at re-texturing clothing for the Sims 3-

These shirts fit all ages from child through elder, I changed the design from my first shirt as you may notice, The logo moved to the back of the shirt and the text to Umbrella Inc. underneath it. On the front I added the Umbrella Slogan that I came up with.

Even though the shirt pictured, and the way it comes in my package is black it is recolor able they can be any color or pattern you like, however just like my other Umbrella shirt, the logo itself is NOT recolor able. If you'd like the Umbrella logo to be a different color you'll have to do it yourself as I don't see any reason to change it from it's original red/white design!

The slogan, "Improving medicine one life at a time!" I give permission for people to use it on other sims 3 content so long as I'm credited for it! Thanks!

Originally, Umbrella Corporation gave these shirts out at blood drives and charity events but as they made their break through in modern medicine, through the debut of Regenerate, these shirts became an overnight sensation. Stores were unable to keep up with consumer demands for this official piece of a growing movement in supporting Umbrella as a leader for a new world free of disease, aging and death. 50% of the sales were donated to various charities by the Umbrella Corporation.

Get them while supplies last!!

Please don't forget to leave thanks, comment, or PM, your opinions are very appreciated and like always if you have problems or suggestions please leave a comments so that I may learn to trouble shoot and fix them! Again thanks for downloading and Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Additional credits go to my endearing and patient husband for whom this wouldn't be possible with out his love, support and teaching! ^.^ Love him always!

Also to all the simmers who have thanked me and enjoyed this!

Age: Child Teen Young Adult Adult Elder
Gender: Male
Clothing Type: Everyday Formal Sleepwear Athletic
Clothing Style: Sci-Fi Brands/Logos
Other Type: Untuckables
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Outfit Type: Top

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