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8 Tattoos for Female-Sims

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2009 at 6:24 PM
Updated: 9th Nov 2009 at 5:23 PM

Here are 8 new tattoos for female Sims. I created them for my Sims-Daughter, so they are choosen, placed and sized to look good on Teen-Sims, but they will also do their Job for Adults and Elders.

Here they are:

Short Discription:

1 (Name of File: Butterfly)
A Butterfly-Half-Tribal-Tattoo for the right Arm.
Tattoo-Designer: Xtasys

2 (Name of File: Kreuz)
Tribal-Version of a german Medieval-Knight-Symbol for the neck.
Tattoo-Designer: xTRIGx

3 (Name of File: Backtribal)
Tribal for the lower Back
Tattoo-Designer: Mirakali

4 (Name of File: Angel)

Angel_Tribal for the lower Arm
Tattoo-Designer: Lukas Zek315

5 (Name of File: Eagle)
Eagle-Tribal for the upper Legs.
Tattoo-Designer: Mateusz Drozd

6 (Name of File: Bat)
A 2nd Tattoo for the Neck. A Bat-Tribal.
Tattoo-Designer: Von R. Glitschka

7 (Name of File: Rose)

smooth Rose-Tattoo for belly.
Tattoo-Designer: unknown

8 (Name of File: Scorpion)

Scorpion-Tribal for the left calf.
Tattoo-Designer: unknown

...a quick Look on the Mother, to let you know how it looks on Adults:

Download & Install:

Female tattoos 7in1 with Bat.rar
This is a merged Full-Body-Tattoo for Quick-Install. It contains 7 Pieces with the Bat-tattoo on the Neck, also with all others Tattoos, except of the Kreuz-Tattoo. It youses the left-Earring-Accessory-Slot.

If you want this full-body-tattoo for another accessory-slot, you can find it in the Combine-Set

Female tattoos 7in1 with Kreuz.rar

Same as before, but with the kreuz-Tattoo on the Neck, instead of the Bat-Tribal.

Also - if you want this full-body-tattoo for another accessory-slot, you can find it in the Combine-Set


(of course you can, and everything will work, but if you do this, there will be many stuff in your CAS, which u will never use)
take a few minutes to look, which files you need.

If you choose this Download, you can combine the Tattoos like you want. The rar-file contains 10 Folders (8 Tattoos + 2 Full-Body-Merged-Tattoos) and every Folder contains 6 different package-Files. You can choose for every Tattoo which Accessory-Slot it has to use in the CAS. You can choose between Left Earring, Right Earring, Earrings, Right Ring, left Ring and Bracelet-slot.

So you can combine the tattoos the way it fits best to the outfit of your Sims and u can combine it with tattoos from other creators the way you want.

If you want only one single-tattoo, you also have to download the combine-set, install the tattoo you want, and delete all others. Sorry for this, but i wasn't impressed of the idea to attach over 60 rar-files.

You want this for male?

I decided to make them not compatible for male, because most of them would look sick or gay, and i didn't want to put a bunch of useless things in your male-accessory. if u want one of these for male it will take you 2 minutes to make them compatible!

1) Download Delphy's CAS-TextureUnitool here: http://linna.modthesims.info/download.php?t=364926
2) install it, start it and load the package-file of the tattoo you want to edit.
3) Click the check-mark at male in "Part-Category".
4) Click the "Commit"-Button in "Part-Category"
5) save it as a new package-file (prefered with another name)
6) install your new package file
- done!

Additional Credits:
Delphy's CAS-TextureUnitool