Auto Pay Bills - Once per week - 5 Flavors (0, 1%, 2.5%, 5%, and 10%)

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Uploaded: 26th Dec 2009 at 12:45 PM
Updated: 17th Jun 2014 at 2:56 PM
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Ever notice that your Sim's neighbors go out and get their mail while you have to make your sim do it? I wanted a more realistic instance and kind of got tired of RepoMan if I forgot to make someone pay bills. So I looked into the bill paying sections and found that User sims are not Autonomous enabled by default. Enabling this though, wasnt enough, so I added a fun instance to prod them along.

What You Need To Know:
  • Base game has you pay bills twice a week (Monday & Thursday) at 1.3% each day. This mod schedules the bill to arrive on Friday only.
  • There are 5 versions: bills at 1%, bills at 2.6%, bills at 5%, bills at 10%, and bills at 0% aka No Bills. (The default is 2.6%)
  • I have used this for some time and have only had them not pay bills a couple of times. Often times sims will line up to do this. This is NOT a guarantee that bills will be paid since Sims are busy taking care of personal needs, job requirements, etc so they may or may not carry this out depending on free time and mood. You are ultimately responsible for paying bills.
  • Works with patches 1.57 - 1.67 and edits the following resources:
    • PayAllBills_Bill
    • PayAllBills_Mailbox
    • PayBill_Bill
    • Mailbox_0x894944a6dad4a2cf
    • Bill_0x4c526e5a10fc8802

Giving Credit where Credit is Due!

cazelfax - Higher Bills - No money for you! Now in SEVEN exciting flavours!
The reason this mod has various bill amounts

SilentResident - ***UPDATED *** Pay Bills Only Once Per Week (Choose the day you like!!!)
I used this mod for sometime, until I looked into autonomous actions for bill paying

Peter L Jones for S3PE