Zuri Imani

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Zuri Imani, Swahili for Beautiful Faith, was born and raised in Mozambique. She was one of those kids you hear stories about: a homeless child running around naked and cooking grasshoppers on the sidewalk and eating them. (Sorry guys, just my terrible attempt at humor... :P)

But seriously: she was a homeless, parentless child, taken in by the orphanage and [luckily] adopted by a doctor doing missionary work in Mozambique when she was 4. The doctor was a kind-hearted lady named Gabrielle Bucher. Zuri loved that woman, loved her to the end of the world. She called her Gabby, and was devastated when she died from AIDS.

Once she had recovered, she decided she would follow Gabby's footsteps and become a doctor. Her dream was to find an instant cure for AIDS and stop people from dying from it.

She moved to Gabby's hometown and quickly adapted, as Gabrielle had taught her everything she needed to know to fit in. She enrolled in Medical School and was on her way.

Can you help Zuri reach her dream?


All her outfits except everyday are EA, because I didn't want to include too much CC. Feel free to put her in whatever you have though

She is also wearing only one hair for all her outfits because I just couldn't decide which one to use. I find, though, that there are lots of hairs that look good with her face, so try them out on her.

Custom Content
Lipstick--Natural Lipcolor--Arisuka
She is using EA eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush.
Everyday Outfit--By Escand
Eyes--BrightEyes Default Replacement -- Miniie
Hair-- cAZy
Boots-- Lili
Skintone-- Peggy
Brows--Under Your Brows by HystericalParoxism

Additional Credits:
A special thanks to SnowWhiteCharming, traelia, and FREEDOM_55 for offering the most help in CF, and to Fawkes, for reviving Zuri and inspiring me to continue with her when I had no further plans to upload her.

And more thanks to morganrae93, Jessica_2020, BondGirlSavie, rian90, Anubis360, Bingo118, gotha_thedark1, and daphnegirl123 for helping me in CF.

Last of all, thank you to all the wonderful Custom Content creators out there, and everyone who is a part of MTS, staff & members.

I love all of you!

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