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Criminal Minds FBI Career

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2010 at 3:39 AM
This is a request that i had to do for a friend! This career is based from the show "Criminal minds." and well, its interesting and it has 2 of the maxis swat outfits that are used for it

The Facts:

You made it to this FBI Agency. Now Get on the ground and do push ups!!! MAGGOT!!

Skill, skill, skill...you must bulk up on your body and logic skill to make it up that rope. Now get climbing!!

Special Agent
Can you climb up a rope? My dog can climb up a rope...Can you be a secret agent? I can be a secret agent. Are you cut out for that type of talk agent?!? Well??? Are ya??

Supervisory Special Agent
Well good job, you made it past Special agent and now you are a Supervisory Special Agent!!! Great work!

Unit Chief
Unit chief...huh...you are amazing! You simply started as a Maggot and now you are at Unit Chief! Keep up the good work!

Technical Analyst
Computers computers computers....get working on the new language cracking software!

Agent Dr.
You heal and you're an agent at the same time??? That is amazing!! Great work! Keep it up and maybe you can be in the big leagues. Just maybe...hmm...

Warrent Officer
Warrent officer...uh...huh...what's that again?

Fleet Admiral
You work with the naval and FBI fleet...just don't make the big boats and flying airplanes fly and/or crash into each other. That would be sw----bad....

Supervising Retired Agent
You have learned how to become a secret agent and now that you are getting older; one word for ya, relax but, you also need to be in the job field...shall we get you an umbrella drink?

Skill links:

Cleaning: None required for this job

Logic: None required for this job

Creativity: First Level: 1 bar Third Level: 3 bars Fourth Level: 6 bars

Charisma: Level 4: 1 bar Level 5: 2 Bars Level 6: 3 Bars Level 7: 3 Bars Level 8: 5 Bars Level 9: 5 Bars Level 10: 7 Bars

Body: Levels 1 through 4: 1 bar Level 5: 4 bars Level 6: 5 bars Level 7: 6 bars Level 8: 7 bars Levels 9 and 10: 10 full bars

Mechanical: Level 3: 1 bar Level 4 and 5: 2 bars Level 6: 4 bars Level 7 and 8: 5 bars Level 9: 6 bars Level 10: 8 bars

Cooking: None required for this job

Job Times:

Level 1: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 7 am

Level 2: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 7 am

Level 3: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 7 am

Level 4: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 7 am

Level 5: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 8 am

Level 6: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 9 am

Level 7: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 8 am

Level 8: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 9 am

Level 9: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 9 am

Level 10: 6 Hours a day; Starts: 10 am


Level 1: $350

Level 2: $455

Level 3: $560

Level 4: $630

Level 5: $700

Level 6: $770

Level 7: $812

Level 8: $840

Level 9: $1094

Level 10: $1138

Additional Credits:
Request to Howlmoony i hope you like it!