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「Je veux chanter」CX Sims Hair Mesh 11 Retextures.

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Uploaded: 28th Mar 2010 at 5:34 AM
Hello all.

Ohmygosh, where do I start?

This time I'd like to share my retextures of Cazy's newest [up to date] hair mesh.
For those of you who don't find this name familiar, here's a link to her blog:

My set contains 9 retextures, all binned and familied...I think.

And here's a preview picture of all colors:

The mesh is NOT included, please download it from Cazy's blog. CLICK HERE

Redistribute all you want.
Don't claim as your own.
Credit appreciated.
DON'T use my rextures. ie. edit, blend, etc.

Additional Credits:
Skintones by Ephemera.
Makeup and Genetics by Ephemera, NewSea, Tifa, LaPink, Janita and me.
Models by me.