Boys Can Be Sexy Too...Lingerie for Adult Males (Set of 4)

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Uploaded 29th Jul 2010 at 10:12 PM · Updated 1st Aug 2010 at 7:23 AM by xandrasama

EDIT: I'm contemplating making versions of these without the thong back, and am in the process of converting them for teens (which by default will have more basic panties). So if you're not into this because of that, know that I'm working on it. =)

For the record--I did not make this to tease, mock or symbolize anything or anyone. I made it because I like it, and I thought some others might like it too. You can be gay, straight, blue, pink--you can be an alien and still like to wear things that are different. If you don't like it, that's fine. Not everybody is into androgyny and crossdressing, I know--but if you don't have anything nice or constructive to say, please save it. ^^

So. Yet another thing I made for myself, which I thought I'd like to share anyway. There's a sad lack of male lingerie out there, and not all guys fit into a preset category when it comes to what they want to wear. Some guys just wanna wear panties and a corset. So what? Some guys look good that way, so I say we should let them. There are four styles total, each in my chosen color of Sapphire. This works as both underwear and pajamas.

The Story:
I ran across xsugarmamax99's corset for males--which was beautiful, but created as a joke. I loved the texture, the style, but there were some things about it that just didn't look right on a male Sim. So, I went through and did a little tweaking. I adjusted the corset pattern for a nicer fit and fixed some alignment issues (though not all), edited the alpha file and rounded out the pelvic area, to make it more fitting of male 'equipment', thinned the back and cut the panties away from the corset to make separate underwear. (It is a one-piece set, however.)

The tattoos are part of the model’s skin, and thus are not included. Neither is the necklace, which is from my Star of David set.

This is a Maxis mesh recolor, so you can pretty much download this and go. =) I'm fiddling around with making a few different colors of these, such as greens, other blues and violets; if anyone is interested, let me know.

Disclaimer: I attempted to contact xsugamamax99 concerning permission to post my recolor(s), but it seems she's left the site. So, at the advice of the moderation team, I'm posting it on the understanding that if she comes back and tells me to take it down, I will. ^^ Hopefully though, it won't be a problem.

Kolya Sim (model) Specs:
Hair: Seomi 'Wind' hairstyle for males
Skin: Maxis medium skintone, hand-customized by me
Eyes: Metallic Eye by CORiS (Sims Artist Union)
Jewelry: Star of David set by me

Additional Credits:
Original Outfit: xsugamamax99's Oh Lord, Hitler's Gone Bare Set

Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Clothing Type: Underwear Sleepwear
Clothing Style: Alternative
Other Type: Not Applicable
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

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