Amélie's Oddities - Consignment Shop (no CC)

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I started this project partly inspired by this post by calisims.

I am a bit annoyed that Maxis did not include more premade business lots with Ambitions. So if you want a consignment store for Sunsetvalley or Riverview, you either have to build your own or spam the only one you got. I occasionally enjoy building, but most of the time I think I lack tallent and patience to devote several hours (or days) building and decorating a lot from scratch.
So I found myself bored with the sample consignment shop I had on Sunsetvalley, spent several hours browsing for custom lots online, and pretty much like Stylists and Landromats there are so few to choose from
Another problem I have with Sunsetvalley is the lack of "space" for city improvements. I see a lot of green areas, but when I try to place a lot most of the time I'm blocked by meadows, hills and whatnot. So when I saw calisim's store, I thought it was a great place to build a business lot.

So here is my "tiny" consigment store (also right next to the bistro).

I picked a 20x15 lot and tried to "blend" with the nearby architecture style (which happened to be mostly rabbit holes). Took me several hours building and tearing appart, wasn't exactly aiming for a victorian style of building at first but I guess that's how it went. When I finished decorating the interior it resembled more an expensive antique store than a consignment shop, and I came close to buldozing the whole project out of frustration lol. Ended up taking down some decorations and tried to make it look more "trifty", still perhaps someone will find this building useful for their game.

Main floor has some furniture and random oddities on display, cash register and a bathroom. Second floor is the second-hand clothes area.
The third floor and attic are unfurnished. Personally I don't like to jam too much furniture and decor on my community lots, as it can slow my game at times, so I tend to use only 1 or 2 floors. You can decor these however you wish to best suit your needs

Lot placement: if you want to place the lot in the same location as displayed in this screens - enter edit town mode, pick a 20x15 lot, move some trees next to the bistro and place it adjacent to the road. As you can see, blends quite nicely with nearby buildings from neighbourhood view.

The interiors are somewhat spacey for a lot with this size, and can an easily be revamped for any other type of shop that came with the EPs. You can even turn it into a cute homestead, has enough room outside to fit 2 parking spots and a small garden.

I wanted to keep this lot CC free. Which I accomplished... with a small exception of a free plant from the Sims Store.
You don't really need it for the lot to work, just thought it looked cute. It's the "Ivy K2" from the free EV pack that comes with either the Renault Twizy or Toyota Prius. (You can get it from either one of those links, it comes bundled with the cars and other promotional objects.)

You will however need both Ambitions and Adventures Eps, plus the High End Loft Stuff pack (doors and windows).

Lot size: 20x15
Furnished: 59.112
Unfurnished: 40.465

Have fun!
And please share your community lots, so "build mode slackers" like me don't have to go through all this trouble :D

Lot Size: 2x1
Lot Price: 59112

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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