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Quidditch Career *REUPLOADED, TAKE 2*

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2010 at 7:19 PM
Updated: 2nd Sep 2010 at 5:08 PM - Not showing up in game
****I've had many complaints of the career not showing up, I apologize profusely and will keep trying until it works! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF IT WORKS THIS TIME!

Hi everyone!

This is my first creation of any kind! I've tested it thoroughly with my Sims game and it seems to work great for me, but if you run into problems of ANY kind, please let me know and I will figure out how fix it!

This career should work with all EP, let me know if it doesn't! It has chance cards for each level, and lots of stuff hard-core Harry Potter fans will recognize (especially if you've read Quidditch Through the Ages). I've worked really hard on it, so I hope you enjoy!!!!!


1. Concessions Worker for Wimborne Wasps

Quidditch every weekend. Speeding bludgers. Faster-than-lightning Chasers on broomsticks. Glimpses of the Golden Snitch. Too bad you have to watch it all from behind the concessions stand! While you do get to watch free professional matches every week, the pay is lousy and all you can do to pass the time while selling butterbeer and cauldron cakes is dream longingly of getting back on that broom sitting in your closet.

2. Broom Tester

Hoping to never have to sell Fizzing Whizbees again, you take the first Quidditch-related job that comes along. Little did you know how dangerous it could be to try out new brooms! Some of the bigger name brands such as the Comet turn out to be good quality and lots of fun, and you find yourself getting paid to do flips and dives for fun. Other, newer, more obscure brands (Flying Deathtrap, Falling Star) still have some work to do before putting their brooms on the market. It’s your job to determine when they’re ready. Make a few friends and work on your mechanical before you fall off the Soaring Grim and break your neck!

3. Quality Quidditch Supplies Worker

You’ve finally landed a slightly more glamorous and higher-paying job. You’re now selling interesting items - broom polishing kits, books like Quidditch Through The Ages, flying goggles, mini-brooms for children, and you’ve even recently stocked the newest version of the Cleansweep along with the much-admired Firebolt. While this is slightly more enjoyable, you still hope all of the hours of flying practice come to good use one day. Work on body skills and charisma and hopefully you’ll land a better job.

4. Substitute Quidditch Instructor of Hogwarts

This is a turning point in your career. The Hogwarts Quidditch Instructor has decided to go abroad for a year for travel and recreation, much to your pleasure! You have applied for the job and begged the Headmaster to give you a chance, and he has agreed. You are now teaching the eager youngsters of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin how to take flight for the first time. Finally, an enjoyable job. Keep working on body skills and one day you may not have to deal with broken limbs and bad young flyers accidentally taking their rogue broomsticks dangerously close to the Forbidden Forest.

5. Announcer for Holyhead Harpies

Someone higher up has noticed your passion and knowledge of Quidditch and has recommended you as the official announcer of the Holyhead Harpies! You’re spending your days not only watching the flying ladies compete wonderfully but also updating the fans with play-by-play commentary. The job pays well and is fun, but you still aren’t flying professionally on that new Firebolt you bought.

6. Reserve Beater for Puddlemere United

Puddlemere United hosted just one of many tryouts you had attended - and you certainly did not expect to make the team that day. But the Captain is impressed with your talent and job history and you FINALLY land yourself a spot on the Reserve list! The fact that you are going to be benched 99% of the time doesn’t damper your spirits. You know that if someone is hurt, you may just be playing real professional Quidditch. Don’t mess it up and you may just land a permanent spot!

7. Chaser for Stonewall Stormers

A Canadian team watched the one match you got to play all year and believes you are not exactly cut out to be a beater, but they do think you are a perfect fit for their Chaser opening! You have finally landed yourself a permanent professional Quidditch position! The Stormers aren’t exactly World Cup material, however, and you desperately want to play Seeker for a big team one day. Keep practicing and working out and maybe your wildest dreams will come true. In the meantime, enjoy the excitement and success of being a pro-Quidditch player!

8. Chaser for Fitchburg Finches

Your big day has arrived - you have been traded to the big-shot American team the Fitchburg Finches! Now you actually have a shot at winning that World Cup! You spend your days either perfecting your Quaffle throw, or playing matches against the biggest names in Quidditch. You’re living the dream, but you still are slightly envious of your Snitch-chasing team member. Keep dropping subtle hints to your Captain and maybe one day soon that Seeker will retire and you’ll be there to take his spot.

9. Seeker and Captain for Fitchburg Finches

Your ultimate dream has come true at last! Not only did the Seeker retire, but the Keeper and Captain has also decided his time is over! Because of your excellent charisma and flying talent, you were voted Captain of the Finches! Your first act of Captain was to name yourself Seeker! Now it’s time to lead that team of yours to victory…

10. World Cup Winner

Your team has flown straight into the arms of victory! Because of your great leadership and astounding and difficult capture of the Snitch an inch above the ground during the World Cup match against the Falmouth Falcons, your team has won the World Cup! You were labeled the Most Valuable Player and eventually you were inducted into the Hall of Fame for your outstanding Captaining and Seeking. Enjoy living the high life as the best Quidditch player in the whole world as you continue to seek more World Cups in years to come!

I tried to follow basic Maxis days of the weeks, work hours, and wages, so nothing is out of the ordinary there. Please download and give feedback!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to JK Rowling for all the ideas I stole from her...