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~~ NuRey v3 Flavours ~~ Anto's CoolSims #87

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Uploaded: 17th Feb 2011 at 12:03 AM
Updated: 2nd Nov 2012 at 3:01 AM

~~ NuRey v3 Flavours ~~ Anto's CoolSims #87

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! ~~ Thank you kindly to Anto for giving me permission to upload your mesh file when I recoloured this hair. I chose to honour him as a mesh creator at the time and left it out but I've just found out his site is down perhaps permanently so I have zipped and included his #87 Female Hair Mesh file for you and added it to the downloads area. Please download this file if you don't already have it for the recolour set to work in your game.

hi again all. i was not completely satisfied with my last textures, so i again reworked them and recoloured them to share with one of my favourite sims 2 hair mesh artists' work here today. not happy with some of the contrast levels in my ~~ NuRey Edibles ~~ recolours, i set to work on a new version NuRey v2 texture but it just wasn't happening for me with those and i didn't like them much so i scrapped v2 for another time and went back to editing my original textures. out of those NuRey v3 was born and i found it a perfect match for my favourite Anto hairstyle at coolsims.net - female hair #87.

thank you so much Anto for allowing colourists like me to retexture and recolour your beautiful meshes, i hope you like these retextured recolours i have made for your fabulous #87 female hair mesh.

the mesh file does NOT come with this download, you can download the mesh free from Anto's website, CoolSims here:


today i bring you 12 retextures/recolours of this hairstyle in natural colours. using my previous colour set i have expanded it so that there are now 3 deliciously fruity-flavoured recolours of each hair colour.


Black - Licorice, Olive, Cola
Brown - Chocolate, Caramel, Cinnamon
Blonde - Honey, Lemon, Vanilla
Red - RedBerry, Apricot, Peach

all recolours are colour-binned in the correct bins. although again i have made greys for each hairstyle (except for the black hairs, they remain black for elders) - they are not binned but should be available as your sims age to elder or as a custom grey for your elder sims in CAS.

these recolours will work on all ages of sim females from toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult to elder. all sims modelling the hair-styles in these pictures are in base-game skins/eyes/clothing that can all be found in the Sims 2.

base-game compatible, no EPs required.

i have again rendered each hair colour to it's own .rar folder so you can pick and choose which colours you want to download.


Additional Credits:
credit for the hair mesh used in this recolour set belongs to Anto at www.coolsims.net. i am NOT the creator of this hair mesh - i am merely the texturist/colourist of this recolour set. for further information about Anto's property rights policy, please visit his policy page here:


all of these textures and recolours are copyright to me. NO uploading to anywhere else online as your own work, please link back to this page and let me know if you wish to use these in your creations. free for use in your games, pictures, galleries.