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!UPDATED with Smaller Version Available! Sun and Soul-DEFAULT Replacement Eyes

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 5th Apr 2011 at 3:25 AM
Updated: 19th Apr 2012 at 6:14 PM - Updated With Smaller Irises as New Option
After many try and try again sessions, I've finally created a good pair of default eyes, and I'm pretty excited to share them with you!

What I wanted to achieve in these set of eyes, was something similar to sun rays and a deep soulful feeling, and I think I've achieved that myself. I also wanted them to have a somewhat realistic look to them. I really hope you enjoy them over all though!

I have tested these set of default eyes in my game and see no glitches.

-My favourite colors:
Tan, blue-green, green, light blue, rose pink, & purple.

The iris' are big, as in the standard EA size, so if you don't like that, don't bother with these eyes, sadly, I'm having problems with making them smaller, more realistic sized irises, BUT I am working on that. There may be updates, or future uploads for this specific eye download, along with the original for the people who like the larger eyes.

!UPDATE! I have edited these irises and made them smaller for those of you who like the smaller, more realistic sized irises.

Thanks guys! Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Ladyfrontbum's Velvet Skintone
Aikea Guinea's Default Hair Replacement Retexture
Anubis360's Pooklet'd Butterfly Sims Hair Retexture
Eyebrows are from Subaxi, but the blog where I got them from is no longer available. Sorry!