Cuppa Charm Cafe and Tea Shoppe - Commercial Lot

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2011 at 3:59 AM
Updated: 14th Mar 2022 at 8:15 PM
OMG!!! Scroll down to the bottom and just look at all that CC! >wow< I am in awe of myself. (and not in a good way...)
Welp, no matter. The new 2021 Updated with MUCH Less CC Version is here!
I fixed a few routing problems too, but mostly it was just clogged with too much CC. Please re-CCifiy it once you get it into your own Downtown.

2021 Update - CC included:
- LAURANA Interior Fence by 11dots
- Carina Spotlight Modular Stairs by Chrissy6930 & Numenor
- Carina Modular stairs fence by Narayani @ MTS2
- Invisible flooring by Frillen @ MTS2
- RetainingWall (3 pieces) by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Painting02_MajesticElegance by Justmoi @ MTS2
- Katy's Beauty Salon sign by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims
- CommercialSign-MESH by CTNutmegger @ MTS2

Custom Content by Me:
- CGT-RelaxSpaSignRec-Katy's mesh
- CGT-CuppaTeaMenuRec-JustMoi's mesh
- CGT-CuppaTeaSignRec-CTN's mesh

AND you will need to get:
Unlevel Wall - #90 by Numenor @ MTS2
Some people weren't sure how to install this wall... Click the info button below to see how I did it
NOTE: If you decide NOT to use Numenor's Wall #90, the CFE'd walls under the front swoopy-roof bits might be broken.

I did not retake pictures ~ the "look" remains pretty much the same. Enjoy!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The original upload post follows... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sims Virtual Realty is proud to announce the Eastside Downtown Gentrification Enterprise (EDGE) is finally underway. The first project the EDGE undertook was this little long forgotten house across from the cemetery. The house, originally built after WWII to accomodate returning soldiers, has been unoccupied for the last 20 years (well, legally it's been unoccupied; there've been a few... shall we say - travelers, over the years, along with a lucrative side business or two.) Now all those rumors can be put to rest,* as the house has now been transformed into this very lovely building - which currently houses four different new businesses. Each business is unique to itself, yet they compliment each other perfectly - making this a prime downtown destination for your Sims.

Though new, these four businesses have already aquired quite the clientel. The Count and Cassandra Goth were seen dealing cards and raking in the chips. Don Lothario it appears simply loves tea (who knew?) Mrs. Crumplebottom has been spotted having a cuppa something-far-stronger-than-tea at the Back Porch bar; Brandi Broke was there too - sitting sad faced and all alone. And, last weeks Karaoke champ was none other than Mr. Big.

*Annette, a hair dresser in the salon, has reported unexplained cold spots over at her corner station. One morning she thought she saw an elderly person with very long hair (wearing pants - Annette couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman) walking up the stairs before the salon opened - when she went to check the upstairs landing, the doors were still locked and no one was there.
I probably shouldn't disclose this information, but it may be a selling point for some. If you place this lot where I did (the small empty lot across from the cemetery) - I think it's to be expected. Just check out the neighbors across the street!

  • Lot size: 30X20 (2X2) - Community Lot
  • About 2,000 sq ft covered indoor space - on 3 levels. Currently housing four businesses
  • Around $122,857 simoleons - I say "around" because I have extensively re-organized my build/buy catalogues and, in doing so, re-priced most everything. I don't know if this will effect the cost in your game or not. If it does, maybe your Sims qualify for a huge tax break? Inheritance? Or, it's their turn to win the lottery?
  • Furnished - this is a turn-key business opportunity
  • Current businesses in residence:
    Cuppa Charm Cafe and Tea Shoppe - with the covered side porch for tea parties and group meetings
    The Back Porch - karaoke bar with nightly specials
    Simply Relax: Salon and Day Spa - very exclusive, trendy, and... expensive. Located in the basement
    The Backroom Club - care for a game? Upstairs in back
  • Cable for TV, and WiFi included
  • Phones installed and ready
  • Invisible/stealth Alarm system included
  • Beautiful landscaping - fully maintained by a local lawn service
  • Janitorial services are also already contracted - no set-up needed
  • Quality high-end Maxis construction - built to withstand the rigorous pressures of commerce
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce; registered with the BBB

Credit & Thanks:
To all the wonderfully talented creators & re-colorers whose work I have used in this house: THANK YOU!!!
A special thanks to Kiri for giving me cloning permission on SimWardrobe's MenuBoard!
Thank you for downloading! I really enjoy reading your comments - leave me some?
Thanks MTS2 for having such a great site!

Necessary but NOT included in either the .Sims2pack or the EXTRAs.rar.
Shopping List: (You need to go get these items yourself - just click/follow the link)
From SimPlan-X (FREE) - Baby Boats Bedroom wallpaper - it's used in the men's room.
From Chrissy6930 & Numenor - "Carina Spotlight" Modular Stairs
From MaryLou & Numenor - CCulture_Hanging_Multi-TopBracket
From MaryLou & Numenor - CCulture_Island_Top-Standard
From Numenor - Numenor_SlotEnablePackage_Counters
From Menaceman44 - Lunatech Ceiling Light FIX

The EXTRAs file - includes items that are necessary for this lot to work properly. Yes, you need them!!!
Either they just didn't package properly with the lot, or I couldn't find a direct link - so you could easily go get them yourself (they may be part of a huge set, for instance) and/or they're things from Creators without a current web presence (at least, none that I could find.)
Credit/links for items in the EXTRAs file are mixed in with the other CC listed below.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: $122,857

Custom Content by Me:
- CGT-BackroomClubSign
- CGT-CuppaTeaMenu
- CGT-CuppaTeaSign
- CGT-RelaxSpaMenu
- CGT-RelaxSpaSign
- CGT-ShopHours_OpenClosedSign
- CGT-SimWardrobe_MenuBoard
- CGT-CoffeeFree_
- CGT-SpaSign
- CGT-SpaSign

Custom Content Included:
- MorrowindScreen-Pinstripe by pktechgirl @ junipersun
- Crayola Plain Paint Collection by pktechgirl @ junipersun
- shabby chic wall by HappyMoonBelly @ Parsimonious
- LAURANA Interior Fence by 11dots
- AntBigChip by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- AntCheesecake by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- Antibesfloor1 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor10 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor11 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor12 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor13 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor14 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor3 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor4 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor5 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor6 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor7 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor8 by KomoSims
- Antibesfloor9 by KomoSims
- Antrolls by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- AntTurn by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- AntWallShelfFlour by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- AntWallShelfJam by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- AuntieKsDonuts by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- floor2_t177 by Avenida @ AvenidaSims
- Beauty salon feetbadchair by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims
- Beauty salon Nail Table by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims
- ElectricWaterTank_MESH by Beosboxboy @ All4Sims
- PetraSoaps_MESH by Beosboxboy @ All4Sims
- Blue-Lagoonfloor3 by Simlin55 @ CasaSims
- GenieBottle02_Purple_MESH by Syera @ Bogsims
- geniebottle03_Blue_MESH by Syera @ Bogsims
- RogerMirrorWall_Mesh by Chrissie @ PimpMySims
- RogerPainting3Times_Mesh by Chrissie @ PimpMySims
- RogerSculptur_Mesh by Chrissie @ PimpMySims
- cosmetics_bottle_14_mesh by Cassandre @ BPS
- numenor_carinalightstairs recolor by Numenor @ MTS2
- georgianwindow1 by Phoenix Phaerie
- georgianwindow2 by Phoenix Phaerie
- Colonial privacy straight by Leesestor @ MTS2
- Shampoo by Crocobaura @ MTS2
- Suspended tile ceiling by CTNutmegger @ MTS2
- Tile ceiling squares. by CTNutmegger @ MTS2
- CommercialSign-MESH by CTNutmegger @ MTS2
- DecraDecoBasket by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- Ebonheart Glass wall by pktechgirl @ junipersun
- EcclecticAtticExpressions by Macarossi @ MTS2
- EG54_TravelMarvelUpstairs_MESH by EarthGoddess @ NaturalSims
- ETSR_330_flower_rug by etsr @ EsseTiSimsRoyale
- Invisible flooring by Frillen @ MTS2
- floor_cfd4575d by Frillen @ MTS2
- parfum_female_dolce by Glamorous Lounge
- parfum_male_joop by Glamorous Lounge
- HBPureLuxuryPerfume by HopeBaylor @ MTS2
- Bedding Matching Cornerstone Victoriana Velvet by IgnorantBliss at Mod The Sims 2
- Recolors of Maxis's "Smitty's Distressed Floorboards." by iCad @ MTS2
- WeatheredWoodlandBrown by iCad @ MTS2
- WoodlandBrown by iCad @ MTS2
- invisibleburglaralarm by pfish @ MTS2
- JC-StoneSet422091 by Jcasjr @ MTS2
- Just Black by SimMaster @ MTS2
- Painting02_MajesticElegance by Justmoi @ MTS2
- goldengoosewood by K8 @ Parsimmonious
- Katy's Beauty Salon sign by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims
- victoria-perruque1-mesh by MangoSims
- victoria-poster-mesh by MangoSims
- HairDryerMESH by MangoSims
- Chanel 5 Model 2 by Maylin @ MTS2
- RC_Window_Frame_Blue by sarah*rose @ MTS2
- Minicake by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- IndependentExpression_PrivacyWindow by MaryLou @ MTS2
- IndependentExpression_TallWindow2 by MaryLou @ MTS2
- PetraCompacts by Beosboxboy @ All4Sims
- PetraLipstick by Beosboxboy @ All4Sims
- tinyceilinglight by senesi2003 @ MTS2
- Carina Modular stairs fence by Narayani @ MTS2
- nmXmasTimeFlr by Henwen @ SimsFashionBarn
- Tea Set by Jasana_BugBreeder @ MTS2
- painted brick floors by Billyjean @ BPS
- Pink5_Siding by OhBehave007 @ MTS2
- Pink5_Wall by OhBehave007 @ MTS2
- fantasyperfume_mesh by Rosaline 10 @ MTS2
- hiddenfantasyperfume_mesh by Rosaline 10 @ MTS2
- midnightfantasyperfume_mesh by Rosaline 10 @ MTS2
- S55_Bisazza_Zante floor by Simlin55 @ CasaSims
- S55_Bisazza_Zante wall 1 by Simlin55 @ CasaSims
- CSmakeup by SunairSims
- CSperfume by SunairSims
- CSpost by SunairSims
- OFB Cosmetic Store Makeup by SunairSims
- CSperfumeOFB by SunairSims
- Cosmetic Store Magazine Rack by SunairSims
- CSdeco by SunairSims
- coyotebar_menuholderlarge by sasi @
- StackableOMSP11degBaseGame by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- StackableOMSP11degBaseGameinvi by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- OMSPfoodPrep by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- OMSPfoodPrepInv by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- WalkThroughBlock by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- WalkThroughBlockinvi by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- Small Shrub Boarder by simnuts101 @ MTS2
- MagazineRack_01 by Paladin
- whiteboard_floor by Riekus13 @ SimLane13
- Aromashop-tea1 by steffor @ Avalon
- Aromashop-tea2 by steffor @ Avalon
- PorchFence_Euro_White-Mesh by tbudgett @ MTS2
- RetainingWall_Fence_Euro-White by tbudgett at MTS2
- RetainingWall_Mesh by tbudgett @ MTS2
- RetainingWall_Top-Mesh by tbudgett @ MTS2
- RetainingWall_TopCorner by tbudgett @ MTS2
- RetainingWall_Top_NearDirt by tbudgett at MTS2
- RetainingWall_Wall_Backhanded by tbudgett at MTS2
- DK02DKGray_Cement by Deathkat @ DKDesigns
- Wedgewood Blue by Parsimonious
- Lafenetre Glass Door by Windkeeper
- Australia_CDListeningStation by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- bubble_BeautyZone by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- WeTakePlasticSign by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- Salon_Bottle1 by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- Salon_Bottle2 by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- Salon_StylistCart by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- TeaShop_TeaTin by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- TeaShop_TeaTin_r4 by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- TeaShop_TeaTin_r5 by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- Beauty salon Nail Table_Tools by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims
- Beauty salon Nail Table_Tools2 by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims
- Beauty salon Nail Table_Tools3 by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims
- Beauty salon Nail Table_Tools4 by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims
- bec_roma_lbdoor7 by Someone here @ MTS2 - was it you???
- DecraDecoRolls by mdhttr323 @ MTS2
- glassic_black-022606v54 by HopeBaylor @ MTS2
- InvisibleMagisplayTray by pfish of MTS2
- JJs Valentines bedding 2009 by Someone here @ MTS2 - was it you???
- llmakeoverchair2 by LyricLee @ mts2
- mtkelelahkitchencounter by SIMply SIMilicious
- teasetcupJasana by Jasana_BugBreeder @ MTS2
- TouchofTeakArchWhite by senesi2003
- neopatiochaircushion2 by Sunnisims
- TeaSet_cup by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims
- TeaSet_teebag by Katy_76 @ PC-Sims