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Eaglemire Manor

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Uploaded: 14th Nov 2011 at 1:49 PM
Updated: 8th Nov 2013 at 1:53 PM
This old stately home has 3 bedrooms, but there's plenty of room upstairs to re-model if someone wants more One of the bedrooms is being used as a gym.

There's a substantial exterior with a pool, BBQ area and pretty gardens. You can view more images here

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: 180,873

Custom Content Included:
- Leafy Green Shrub by khadidoo
- 4ESF Outdoor Rosebush Yellow Recolour by 4sef
- Stone Border Door by crocobaura
- by corvidophile2@mts2 by Medieval Wall Covering
- GardenPlnater Hexagonal by macarossi
- "Eponymous Garden" Aloevera by Kate
- "Eponymous Garden" Foxgloves by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Eponymous Garden" Golden Mantle by Kate
- "Eponymous Garden" Milk Thistle by Kate
- "Eponymous Garden" Monkshood by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Eponymous Garden" Monkshood Pink Recolour by Kate
- "Eponymous Garden" Potato by Kate
- "Eponymous Garden" St Johns Wort by Kate
- "Eponymous Garden" St Johns Wort Yellow Recolour by Kate
- "Eponymous Garden" Strawberry by Kate
- "Oggs & Ends" Desk Chair by Kate
- Orbular Ray Plant by Kate
- Star Berry Bush by Kate
- Switch Grass by Kate
- Switch Grass Black Recolour by Kate
- Thrallian Snapper by Kate
- Alchemist's desk by lethe_s
- Modular Stairs by Numenor
- Medium Shrubby Shrub by by HystericalParoxysm @ mts2
- Short Pedestal Planter by macarossi
- Medieval Door by UK1967
- Medieval Door Recolour by UK1967
- Red Brick Alcove by corvidophile2
- Red Brick Window by corvidophile2
- Nengi's Big Oleander by nengi65
- Colonial Wall Sconce by Dgandy
- 4ESF Outdoor Hosta by http://www.4eversimfantasy.net/
- 4ESF Outdoor Hosta Rosebush Recolour by 4esf
- Natural Wood by Jonesi
- Flowering Bush by nengi65
- 4ESF Outdoor Rosebush by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Outdoor Rosebush Recolour by 4eversimfantasy
- corvidophile2-Giant Hydrangea by http://www.modthesims2.com
- 4ESF Outdoor Rosebush Recolour by 4eversimfantasy
- Oggs n Ends Desk Chair by Amythestfenix
- Por anubis. by Anubis360