Kingdom Hearts Teen Nobody Career (Updated 25th, August, 2012)

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Uploaded 6th Dec 2011 at 1:45 PM · Updated 27th Aug 2012 at 11:01 AM by HylianWolf

Update 12/29/2011: Added a .zip archive for people without WinRAR. Same files, just different format.
Update 6/11/2012: Added two more levels and two more chance cards, fixed some text, updated both archives.
Update 6/12/2012: Fixed some little bugs with promotions and required skills, some text updates, re-uploaded both archives (again).
Update 8/25/2012: Fixed text in one of the chance cards, reuploaded archives (yet again...)

Hey there. This is my first upload to this site, I hope it goes over well. I've been using the Nobody career and major on here and it suddenly occurred to me...there was no companion career for characters like Roxas or Xion for when they're teens (what other age would they be?). So I got to searching around and found out how to make my own career and here is the fruits of my labors! This took me awhile to do and I tested it out and it's great. Couldn't figure out how to properly make the game say the Sims name in the career pop-ups, but I'll learn eventually...anyways, I should shut up and get to the important stuff now.

Note: this is NOT linked to the Adult Nobody career, so you will have to re-hire your sim into the adult version when he/she ages. Also, the chance cards have a 45% chance of showing up during a shift.

Career with alternate work days and pay at InSim: Teen Kingdom Hearts Nobody Career ( Caution: Do not attempt to use both versions at once, they will overwrite eachother! )

Feedback is strongly encouraged!

Additional Credits: SimPE and Bidou for making the wonderful programs that helped me make this.
Zexion577568 for making the adult career, major, and the icons. Kingdom Hearts Nobody Career

Age: Teen
Chance cards: All

Tags: #Kingdom, #Hearts, #KH, #Nobody, #Organization, #XIII, #Roxas, #Xion, #Xemnas, #Xigbar, #Xaldin, #Luxord, #Marluxia, #Demyx, #Axel, #Larxene, #Lexaeus, #Vexen, #Zexion, #Saix