DIY Beds

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2012 at 2:26 PM
Updated: 2nd Nov 2012 at 2:12 AM by SeeMyu
Wow. I never thought the time would come again where I actually complete another DIY Project. Is this real life? I am not too sure! I hope it is though! This is something I did purely out of just messing around.. and it seemed to catch my interest. Once one piece started working.. the next one would, and then the next one! I couldn't stop here! I needed to make more! Facing this way! Yes.. but what about that way! Of course! And it was actually usable? What? Yeah, I know! Incredible! What is this monstrosity? Magic? as THH once suggested? No.. not magic! (I wish) Illuminati? No. Definitely not. I don't remember what I was saying...

Please read the How to Use instructions at the bottom before you install and use. There is a certain way these are used in order to work the proper way.

So, I don't know how this idea spawned.. just that I felt like there needed to be more flexibility with beds. I mean.. in the real world, we put it together from boards, frames, and mattresses.. but what's the fun in it when the bed is already put together for you? Why not.. have more ways to make the bed your own?

But what's the purpose, you ask? Simple. To unleash all the creativity and allow maximum customization to your beds. Why go with plan, boring beds.. (unless that's your style) when you can come up with your own?

This set includes a total of 42 (THE UNIVERSE!!) total objects! These objects all go off grid, which means they are not shiftable, but can be shifted by using an OMSP (perfect example in the picture below). (Further instructions in the How to Use instructions below.

This set contains Frames, Headboards, Footboards, Mattresses, Bottom Mattresses, & Misc Accessories. Although, you do not need to use all of them to make your own bed! They're just several options you can choose from to create or add to it!

You can find these objects all together under: By Function -> Comfort -> Beds or By Room -> Bedroom -> Beds

'How to Use' Instructions
Please pay attention to the steps on how to use this set.. otherwise you may be a little lost and frustrated when using this set. Now, you do not have to follow these instructions like a beginner. Feel free to build your bed anyway you want.. just get a basic idea first.

Step One: Locate the items in buy mode. It may be a little easier if you go to the filter options and choose to filter only custom content. From there, choose a headboard and place it wherever you please. These objects are off-grid(able).. so, by hold down ALT, you can move the object around without any restriction.
Step Two: Choose any frame(s) from the menu and attach them to the headboard. Now, they do not attach by themselves.. you must make the item intersect with the headboard. This can be accomplished all by holding the ALT key.
Step Three: Now choose a footboard and attach it to the end of the frame or however you please. After that, place a bottom mattress (or if the frame is tall enough, skip to step four) and light it up evenly with the frame.
Step Four: Now, choose what ever mattress you fancy and light it up with the shaded area on the bottom mattress to be even, or if you are not using a bottom mattress just line it up evenly with the frame.
Step Five: Now add any misc accessories proved in the set or leave it the way you want. Just remember to not have any accessory's footprint (that's the green highlighted part) to be in the path of a sim's entrance or exit to/from the bed.. there are other items that you can use to recreate an effect you are going for without blocking the pathway. If blocked, the sims will have the negative response that their pathway is blocked, therefore making the bed inaccessible.

Important Information About Footprints
Majority of the objects' footprints do not match the object, and are one tiled footprints. The reason? To avoid pathway errors to get to the bed. Now, this will not effect any sort of gameplay or how the objects work.. it just allows this set to truly be DIY and for the bed to function the way it should.

Information About Shifting
Just like my previous DIY project, shifting was not an available option by itself because off-grid was enabled. Same thing applies to this project. Off-Grid makes the project modular and completely DIY.. while shiftablility is only a wanted but not truly needed feature to make this project whole. Though.. in majority of my pictures.. you can see how the objects have shifted, and that is because I have used an OMSP to shift them.. which I highly recommend! It's very handy and it also allows off grid to still be enabled.

All Objects Included

Do not; I repeat, DO NOT reupload these to the exchange or any other site without my permission! Do not claim them as your own either.. don't even try it with one of the simple objects in here. If you do, you will loose all SeeMyu Respect Points. Otherwise, feel free to share this object (share meaning, tell others, post news articles, finds) on any other site.. as long as you don't reupload/claim as your own. Please.

Polygon Counts: *Specified in Table*

Additional Credits"
Big thanks to Jaguwar, armiel, heaven, Boy_Wonder, whiterider, ReyaD, and the entire creation chat for helping me along the way and giving helpful feedback! It's not a secret anymore! Programs: TSR Workshop (even though you hated me throughout the entire project), Adobe Photoshop, Milkshape 3D, UVMapper, S3PE, S3OC, & Dashboard