Spectacular Bowling Alley

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2013 at 10:26 AM
Updated: 4th Feb 2014 at 3:37 AM - One missing wasn't in the description. :/


I noticed I have pretty good quality community lots are going well on Mod The Sims. This lot is a special thanks to all the downloaders and MTS staffs for supporting my hard work. It's store content free, it's modern and it's really detailed. I hope you'll enjoy my special bowling alley.

Welcome to Spectacular Bowling Alley - It's How Bowling Is Done. Where friends meet for good fun, our funky and sophisticated bowling is just the beginning. We'll help make your day or night out at Spectacular Bowling Alley in The Sims 3 truly special. Featuring 15 state-of-the-art tenpin bowling lanes in a sophisticated environment set to dazzle your senses.

Tour Video:

Lot features:

  • 2 Public Restrooms
  • 15 Available Bowling Lines
  • Cafeteria & Bar Area
  • 2 Available Vending Machines
  • Eating & Drinking Area
  • Arcade Area
  • Well Decorated & Detailed

Custom Content used not included:

-WINDOWS: ModernLine Windows Set by hudy777DeSign

-BOWLING BALLS & PINS: Bowling set by Gymna Sims

-EXIT & TOILET SIGNS SEPARATE: Movie Theater_Single Sign by mensure

-SHIFTABLE SHELVES: Shiftable shelf for Windows and Walls by Lisen801

-SIGNS: Notice Signs For Sims! by RomerJon17

-SERVIETS & SAUCE BOTTLES: Kitchen clutter by Infusorian

-MOVIE SCREEN: Movie Theater_Screen by mensure

-BLINDS: DIY Curtains, Blinds, & Shutters by SeeMyu

-RESIZER: OMSP Resizer by Buhudain

-CEILING LIGHTS 2: Glass Rings Halogen Ceiling Lamps by Odysseus1960

-SHIFTER: One More Slot Please! (with vertical shifting) [Update 2 Nov 2011] by granthes

-PROJECTOR: Home Theater_Projection by mensure

-SODA MACHINE: Cafe Break Set_Soda Machine by mensure

-SECURITY CAMERAS: CCTV Cameras by stuffforsims3

UPDATED: Two missing Custom Content

-SHOES: Lozano Classics Decorative Shoes & Shoe Boxes by Sweet Ambrosia

-CHAIRS: S3C Bella dining chair by ruhrpottbobo

Compatibility requirements:


Size, Price & Additional Credits:

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 654,622
Unfurnished: 105,630

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to:
Lisen801, hudy777DeSign, mensure, Infusorian, Buhudain, stuffforsims3, Sweet Ambrosia, ruhrpottbobo, Odysseus1960, granthes, & Gymna Sims.