VersaTiles Walls & Floors

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I like the unexpected. And what's more unexpected than tile walls and floors where you least expect them? Interior stone tiles have been around forever, but we're in the 21st century. Time to shake things up!

This project began when I needed a single dark blue large floor tile. It looked so good in game, I later thought I'd make some other dark color floor tiles. Then I made large and medium-sized tile walls to match. Then I wanted lighter colors for more mix-and-match options. When I added the black and white walls and floors I'd made earlier, lo and behold, I had a set! I use them everywhere, not just in the kitchen and bath - community and residential, inside and out. They're very versatile, hence the name: VersaTile!

VersaTiles have a smooth texture, and are grouted in a very light grey that comes off white in the game. Nice but not too bright. The walls are trimmed top and bottom with smooth white tile. They're best suited to a modern lot, but are versatile enough to use almost anywhere.

The set includes 90 walls in 45 colors plus 4 more walls in black and white, and 47 floors in matching colors.

Each floor tile comes with two matching walls, a large-tile wall and a medium-tile wall.

Letters are used to designate the colors - A being the darkest color of a set and C being the lightest (Dark Blue A, Dark Blue B, Dark Blue C).

Numbers are used to designate the size of the wall tile - 1 being large tile, 2 being medium (Dark Blue A1, Dark Blue A2)

You'll notice that some of the dark colors are light and some of the light colors are dark. The distinction between light and dark is only in their relationship to each other.

File names match the in-game name so you can easily find the ones you want to move or delete.

In case you don't want them all, I've packaged them in four separate files:
Walls & Floors_Dark
Walls & Floors_Light
Walls & Floors_Bonus Colors
Walls and Floors_All.

Find the tile walls under Wall > Tile > Price §0
Find the floor tiles under Floor > Tile > Price §0
because I'm terrible at math.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the makers of HomeCrafter Plus, Sims 2 WTF Editor and Paint Shop Pro.

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