UPDATED 11th April 2014 - FIXED - Hoyata Cinema - SIFF Edition

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Welcome to Hoyata Cinema. This cinema includes a Japanese Restaurant, Private Parking Lot, 4 Public Cinema Rooms and 2 Private Cinema Rooms.

Sims International Film Festival liked my Cinema. But my Cinema wasn't ready for a big release. I had quite a lot of missing stuff to put in and there were way too many Custom Contents. I renovated the exterior outside and it looks much better. I removed two Public Cinemas and replaced them with Private Cinema Rooms. Now the cinema finally have a Private Beam Bag Cinema Room and a Private Lounge Cinema Room. The Cyber-Net Cafe was useless, I replaced it with a new Hoyata Cinema Counter downstairs and I made the waiting room a lot spacey upstairs. I removed the Bowling Alley and it was pretty useless too. So I made a nice Japanese restaurant as a replacement. This lot is store content used not included in the lot. Let your sims enjoy watching some movies tonight. For this hard work for this wonderful Cinema, please "Thank" my wonderful work. Thank you.

Lot features:

  • 4 Public Cinema Rooms
  • A Beam Bag Cinema Room
  • A Lounge Cinema Rooms
  • Japanese Restaurant (Store Content)
  • Bowling Alley
  • Parking Garage
  • Rest Rooms
  • Barrier Gates & Ticket Machine (Store Content)
  • Big Cinema Screen
  • Well Modern Design

Tour Video

Store & Custom Content used not included:

I do not own those Custom Content. They are made by right full owners on Mod The Sims and other resources.

Compatibility requirements:


Size, Price & Additional Credits:

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price:
Furnished 708,062
Unfurnished: 276,801

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to hudy777DeSign, mensure , Infusorian, duri93, Odysseus1960, Sims 3 & Electronic Arts.
Used Create A World Tool & BuyDebug.

Special thanks to Sims International Film Festival and Minraed!