*UPDATED*New Female Meshes to Play With!

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Uploaded 20th Mar 2005 at 3:54 PM · Updated 30th Mar 2005 at 11:50 PM by aardvarkams : *UPDATED*

Well, first of all, a heart felt thanks to everyone for all your lovely comments, pm's and mails, offers of friendship and well, ... *blush*, you guys n gals are just the *best*!!! <*Hugz*>
Sorry about the crappiness of this lot below - they really shouldn't have been released - still too many bugs ... but hey, at last I've got back into the swing of things, and eeeek! some wonderful skinners are using these poor attempts - so they will be updated, so just hang fire a bit with those skins! After watching and learning and getting many handy pointers (thank you, Xianah, you probably didn't realize I was only after your meshing skills - heehee!) So there's a whole new bunch of stuff comin ... and wait for it ... it won't be my crappy skins on em - YAY! So here's an update of the GothBootDancer - Boots completely retextured, and whole new joint assignment on the ankles - and we all know what that means don't we boyz n galz - yep, easier to skin (hopefully) and considerably less *squiffiness*! I think you'll find it easier and better in game - but I'm not sure if it'll over-write the original - if it does I'm afraid there's a bit of re-skinning to do - but I hope you'll agree the end result is better - *sorry, folks*! And hopefully this is paving the way for newer models - previews below, but they're still alpha at the moment; but with my *trusty* skinning partner, hopefully things are just gonna get better from here on in.
Oh, hopefully <SimderZ> has a new version of the GothBootNude Mesh with 'easier-skinning-Boots' on her *FREE* site - check the link below in her post further down the thread ...
and once again, thank you to everyone, for being amazing, and all those gorgeous skins!
Oh, it's the *NewGothBootDancer*.rar below ... (sorry only .rar at the moment, my Winzip's spyware is playing havok with my puter!)
Happy Simming, and hopefully see y'all soon,
Amy xxx

Hi everyone, here's a bunch of new meshes for y'all to play with (probably the last ones from me), so I'd like to thank everyone - Miche, Delphy, BriAnna, Wes, Fleabay and everyone who's been so helpful in so many ways - too many to count; and a big thanks to all the modders and contributors, and for all your lovely comments so far about my meshes - and the wonderful skins and creations that have arisen ... a heart-felt thanks you all!
Sorry the skins aren't that good, but they were done in a hurry - I'm sure you can do better - I've enclosed texture maps to help with the re-skinning where I thought was necessary ...
Please remember these are beta's, and there are some issues with animation clipping/rendering on the inside of the skirts, and your sims won't show the 'fatter' effects - and I know about the dodgy heels on some of the more extreme ones. I've added lots of extras to each mesh, so they're quite large - be wary of them eating up your cpu ... but hopefully you'll have fun.
Please colour/copy upload skins etc. but if posting elsewhere please not on pay-sites, and put links/credits in to MTS2, put a pic in this thread and upload your creation to the downloads section here - let all these fine people share in your creations, as I freely share in mine.
I probably won't be around, so I won't be able to answer questions etc.(sorry, personal stuff) but if it's desperate e-mail me: angelamys@hotmail.co.uk, and I'll reply if I can.
Take care everyone, and Happy Simming,

Amy xxx
Take care everyone