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Lucia Grace

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2014 at 11:19 PM
Lucia Grace is one of those people fascinated by books. The stories and the people in them always take her away to another place of relaxation when she needs some space. She also loves to draw, and it just so happens that book and painting to go together, which is what she dreams to do. Become and illustrious author. Lucia is also very kind and loving to other sims and animals.

Lucia is nurturing to every child she meets, even if it not her own, which she opes to have one day.

Her traits are:
Animal Lover

Lifetime wish: Illustrious Author

Note: Lucia is packaged with default skin.

CC Credits:
Skin: Tifa Face Skin V5
Hair: Sjoko Anto Conv Retexture
Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow N02 by S-club
Eyeliner: Glamorous Eyliners by emmzx
Blush: Hollywoood Glam by Gosik
Lipstick: S-club Lipstick N3 (scroll to bottom and press arrow until end of list)
Contacts:Burnt Waffles Emphemera contact edit
Everyday dress: by pizazz
eyelashes: by S-club set 1
Everyday shoes: Anubis360 Love burst sandals
Formal dress: Anubis360 Champion Glory dress