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Villa Sunshine - Basegame, No CC

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 3rd May 2014 at 3:40 PM
Updated: 10th Jun 2014 at 10:44 PM by brunetttt
Update 8th of June 2014

I got notified that the roofing for some reason didn't keep Jack Frost out during winter. I went back to Villa Sunshine and playtested during all the seasons, made some minor changes to the roofing which does not in any way affect or change the looks of the lot,
and this problem should now be solved.

Make sure to download this now updated version if you've got seasons installed.


I present to you: Villa Sunshine!

This modern but cozy split-level villa is a piece of pure sunshine, ideal for your single or couple sims. Albeit its size, there's even room for kids (bunk beds, anyone?).

Built with inspiration from this picture, I am confident enough you're going to absolutely love Villa Sunshine, and I am proud over the final result.

Price furnished: 108 148
Price unfurnished: 57 782

Entry level (including outdoors): Carport, pool area, BBQ area, hallway, living area, kitchen with dining area, office, master bathroom, stairs to the second level.

Second level: Master bedroom, small bath, children's room.

To fully take advantage of all of the villa's panorama windows, I suggest placing Villa Sunshine on 100 Redwood Parkway (25x30) for an astounding view of the coastline of Sunset Valley.
This is the lot where I built the house, as well as took the screenshots.

I hope (and believe) you'll enjoy the lot as much as I do! :-)

Lot Size: 25x30
Lot Price: 108 148