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MerBabies! In Lots of Colors

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Uploaded: 10th May 2014 at 9:35 AM
Updated: 26th May 2014 at 7:46 PM - Clarification
The only problem I have with Marvine's Mermaid Mesh set is that the baby mermaids had to look like regular children, unless they had the special mermaid skins, and then only when wet. Or unless I default replaced the diaper mesh to be a tail. And then ALL the babies were MerSims.

But then Chris Hatch discovered how to make non-defaulted baby clothes. And I saw the opportunity to get a bit of variety into my MerBabies looks. So I took the colors that Marvine and BeosBoxBoy originally made for their MerToddlers and put them on to the MerBaby mesh (after I remapped it to work better with the layout of the recolors). And because I like them so much, I also took Marie_Fay's toddler recolors from her Little Mermaid post and did the same.

So I offer you both of these, in Vanilla and Chocolate options, with the choice of Sprinkles!
  • Just Vanilla is just the recolors, with no modifications.
  • Vanilla with sprinkles has the files townified, which means they WILL spawn on newly born babies. Useful if you have an all MerSim Hood (Labeled as "Townified")
  • Chocolate is for those of you who use thetigerking83's Bodyshape Organization Kit. These files are edited to make use of this organization. (Labeled as "BSOK")
  • And Chocolate with sprinkles are BSOK files that are townified. (Labeled "BSOK_Townified")

You can mix and match this around as much as you want, as long as you only have one flavor per color. And sprinkles technically count as a flavor. I have no idea how the BSOK files will react in a game that does not have that "mod" but I do not suggest it. But if you only want two or three of the tails to be townified, just drop those two or three with the townified option and the rest without. All rar Files contain the mesh. All files are named with the original creator's original colors

These tails will in no way replace your default infant mesh. They function just the same as clothing for any other age. The mod described below simply enables you to buy and plan outfits for infant sims just like any other age, a behavior that has been coded into the game since the basegame, but never enabled until now.

To choose your MerBaby's tail, you need to use Chris Hatch's mod, which is attached, since he allows it, and the original is on an adult site. Below is copied the portion of his post that details how to use the mod

Quote: Originally posted by Chris Hatch
A recent request by Gwenke brought to my attention that buying new outfits for babies hasn't been enabled.

When the buy outfit dialogue opens it opens in the age category of the sim doing the buying, if the sim is a baby then in opens in baby age. So to buy new baby outfits you must first have some to buy, then get baby to do the buying.

The option to buy a new outfit for baby on the 'Girl's Fuzzy Bear' (CJH_BuyBabyOutfitTeddy.zip) will push buying a new outfit onto a baby's interaction que, if baby is in a cot or being held by another sim then the baby is busy and will not be able to buy. If baby is in a cot choose to buy a new outfit then pick the baby up, that will free the baby's que to buy a new outfit. If Apartment Life or higher is installed then cots can be recognised by category so if baby is in a (default) cot picking the baby up out of the cot is automatic. When the buy outfit dialogue opens it will be blank, just change the gender selection and any available outfits will show, (remember to change the gender back again). I set the price of baby outfits at $25.

The buy outfit dialogue will appear to be in adult outfits but it is in baby 'mode' or adult outfits would show.
Toggle the gender selection to get the baby outfits to show.

The teddy bear is cloned from A&N's 'girl's teddy' so boys can't play with or carry it but it can be placed on shelves and coffee tables. It contains no game overrides because buying baby outfits is already in your game.

The Bodyshape Organization Kit, for those of you who are wondering, is a way to organize the different bodyshapes that have been made. It categorizes them together, useful for keeping your MerTails separate from your land-loving sims's clothes. It too is on an adult site, but is hosted off site by Miros1, here.

My Sims are wearing:
Mertails by Marvine/BeosBoxBoy and by Marie_Fay
Hair by XMSims
Skintones by Marvine/BeosBoxBoy (available from Mermaid archive)
Astiee's Sparkling Flesh Skintone in Blue
Default Replacement eyes that came with Chris Hatch's Unofficial Expansion Pack (Can't link because it's an adult site; and I don't know which ones he used)

Polygon Counts:
MerBaby Mesh Poly Count: 1092 F/ 979 V

Additional Credits:
Thanks to:
Marvine, BeosBoxBoy, and Marie_Fay. They did all the original work. I just edited the mesh and did a few small texture edits
Chris Hatch for enabling non default baby clothing
The makers of SimPE, it got used a lot in this project
thetigerking83 for the Bodyshape Organization Kit. My sim's now have more organized closets than I do.