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Pretty, Witty, and Gay - A Default Maternity Collection

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2014 at 3:45 PM
Updated: 2nd Aug 2014 at 10:47 PM
So, after having this in my Downloads folder for what's felt like eons, I've finally decided to upload them. This is a file that will replace the boring, EAxis maternity clothes for adult females with the pretty, pastel dresses pictured. No other mods, hacks or mesh required, just plop this in your Downloads folder.

All the credit goes to the original creators, I did absolutely no work other than defaulting these. So here's how this default maternity came to be:

* EAxis created a dress for female children in The Sims 2 Season expansion pack.

* HystericalParoxysm converted the dress to adults and added a pregnant morph to it with the original sandals here

* Pinketamine made recolors using aelia's textures and added Amaryll's ballerina flats on her blog here. All of the files on Pinketamine's blog were lost, unfortunately.

* Later, on a Garden of Shadows advent, Seaside posted a recolor of Pinketamine's mesh edits with Anna's recolors here

* I defaulted the above using nine of the textures.

Confusing, yes? Well, let's just move on to pictures, then.

First Trimester

Fit, Normal, Fat

Second Trimester

Fit, Normal, Fat

Third Trimester

Fit, Normal, Fat

Mesh Info:

Faces 1976, vertices 1465.

Additional Credits:
Eaxis, Hysterical Paroxysm, Amarryl, Pinketamine, Seaside, Anna, Aelia

aelflaed for the tutorial and template.