Soft pink and baby blue velvet re colour of SIP Living 3 set.

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Uploaded 6th Sep 2014 at 6:56 PM · Updated 2nd Sep 2014 at 2:50 PM by freeasabird

I decided I needed some luxury. I have always liked this sofa and its mates but never got around to re colouring it until now. I chose light pink and pale blue velvet. The set contains, sofa, living chair, side and coffee tables, curtains, deco tray with books and flower.
The plant, fireplace and wall lights are as they were I added them to complete to set for any one who wanted them.. I have included my Marilyn Munroe picture because she looked at home there.
I couldn't see any oddness but as I haven't been doing this very long there may be? Add a touch of glamour and enjoy.

I have all the EP's and Sps but they are not needed for this set, the picture I know is base game compatible. As Sims In Paris is dead I can only guess they are ok with all the Eps. I didn't see any store or stuff pack files references while re colouring but I may have missed them.
The zip contains all Sims In Paris meshes, my re colours and pictures that match the files for ease of use. All files are clearly labelled and compressed. A collection file is included. FAB is Freeasabird, I know it has two A's but that looked even dippier :-)

Additional Credits:
Credits go to Jasmine from Sims In Paris- dead
Large picture mesh by Qortex- (Qortex _q_36368_bigposters) here on MTS a very long time ago, I could not find a link so have included the mesh in the hope of not offending the creator. Marilyn Munroe Re colour by me.
Thanks to all the SimPE guys who made this amount of fun possible.

Poly Counts
Coffee table-164
Curtain-wood- 24/28-fabric-2364
Deco tray-flowers-656-Vase-312
Wall Lamps-blend-2016-illuminated-2013-flame-84
Side table-surfaces-1191 blend-384
q's picture mesh-=12,

No pay-sites, no TSR, if you use any of these textures a link back here would be appreciated thanks.

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