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Basement Bedroom CAS!

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2015 at 9:40 PM
Updated: 15th Feb 2015 at 5:37 AM
Woah. Hi there guise. Been a while. How've you been? Just felt like pokin' my head in and saying hello with this great new CAS screen. Not quite the usual plain brick wall, ain't it? At some point, I suppose I'll make the "main floor" of this house as a CAS (as per request). 'Til then, enjoy this little boho bedroom to style your sims!

Create-A-Sim Screen:

Family Screen:

Anyhoo, If you like, please thank! Also: if you have a specific thoughts on a CAS screen I should make, let me know! I'm always happy with ideas and requests!

P.S. I really hate givin' y'all a long shopping list, but just to be safe--'cause some peeps don't have a readme on using their stuff--no CC is included (ugh).

Custom Content Needed:
Empty CAS screen by WindKeeper @ MTS: here
Eco-Cafe Ceiling Lights by Around the Sims: here
NeverDim Desklamp by Holy Simoly: here
Mango-Sims: here
***Breeze Palm (Chambres > page5 > Telechargement)
***Nester Bed (Chambres > page3 > 1 lit et sa couveture)
Habita Bath Counter by Reflex: here (Downloads > Bathroom > page1 > HabitaBathroom)
Fresh Set by Steffor: here
***Fresh Bedroom Paintings
***Fresh Stairs
Indian Bedding by Sandy: here

Many thanks to all these wonderful CC creators!