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Death Eaters' Dark Mark for Evil Witches

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Uploaded: 9th Feb 2016 at 8:04 AM
Updated: 19th Feb 2016 at 8:39 PM
Death Eaters' Dark Mark for Evil Witches - Default Bad Witch's Skin


Today I bring you something nostalgic for Harry Potter's fans : a little default replacement that transforms your very evil witches into Death Eaters ! Actually, you won't get the whole outfit but you'll get better than that : the dark mark on the left arm !

"Seen" in the books and movies by Joanne Rowling
(Scan from a tatoo in a book, imported and improved)


It replaces the green overlay that you get when your sims become a very evil bad witch, by a not green at all skin overlay (you'll see the sim's genetical skin !), but with the Death Eaters' dark mark on the left arm. HystericalParoxysm had already made a good job, so I created an incomplete default replacement (only the body, not the face) : it's made to be used with HystericalParoxysm's mod "Normal Skin for Good and Evil Witches".

Don't rename my package, otherwise it won't override the original mod. It works for all ages from teen to elder, and for both genders.

Remember your sims have to have a very bad balance for the mark to appear (So go practice "dark magic" in the spell book !).

BEWARE : When you first load the game, any existing bad witches will have the body textures changed, but not the faces (the green horror !). HystericalParoxysm explained very well how to fix it (see the link below).


Apartment Life Expansion Pack & HystericalParoxysm's mod "Normal Skin for Good and Evil Witches"

Hoping you'll appreciate,

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to HystericalParoxysm for the required mod and to JKR for her wonderful book.
I used SimPE & GIMP, so thanks for the usefull softwares.

Thanks to Lidiqnata who has been very patient with me, and to the ones that have commented on the Creator Feedback Forum thread.