Township Politics Career for Small Neighborhoods

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This is the first time I have ever modded anything, but this little baby is EP Ready and WILL NOT overwrite any other careers.

In the Sims 2 Discussion thread, a conversation about realism in our neighborhoods had me thinking. While the normal Maxis Political career will work for large neighborhoods or megahoods, smaller neighborhoods need something different!

The Township Politics career is geared towards small villages, towns, and townships. The career follows a similar political ladder to those in townships (or as close as I could come up with).

The Icon is the same as the Sims 2 Politics career, however, the pay is vastly different. Your township mayor shouldn't get paid as much as your city mayor!

Here are all 10 levels of the Township along with pay, work hours, and promotion requirements.
A Chance Card can be found with each job level and they come with various good and bad choices. (Chance cards are not listed. Why spoil the surprise? )

I didn't bother attaching certain outfits. It's a small town. Why can't the mayor go to work in T-shirt and jeans?

Unfortunately, there is no teen/elder version. There is also no career reward attached to this career.

Again, this is not a default replacement. It's EP ready. It also has it's own guid and won't overwrite other careers. If you have any issues with this career, please let me know.

Major thanks to Emma_Barrett and her wonderful career tutorial for beginners.

Age: Adult
Career Type: Realistic
Chance cards: All

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