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Amara Harris

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Uploaded: 7th Oct 2016 at 10:07 PM
Amara Harris is a lover of all things related to food and drink. A self-proclaimed "foodie", she is passionate about the culinary world and dreams of becoming a master chef. A creative and loving Southern girl at heart, her fondest memories are of her as a child in her grandmother's kitchen cooking family meals and baking her heart out. Amara learned that food brings people of all backgrounds together; nothing creates happiness and laughter quite like delectable desserts (especially her double chocolate chip cookies)!

She is ready to leave her mark on the world and create new recipes to pass down, all while preserving what her grandmother and family lovingly taught her. Should she study under an expert chef, open a restaurant, or run her own bakery? It's up to you to help her decide!

See below for the amazing custom content! (All clothes are base-game)

Additional Credits:
Everyday hair by Ebonix, Formation hair gift pack

Formal hair: SintikliaSims: Hair s35 Diva

Skin: OpaqueOctober's OCT Cameo Overlay

Eyes:Lancangzuo's Voice eyes

Eyebrows: Pralinesims's Lailah Eyebrows N97