K Photonik Windows ( Sunny / Moony ) - 18 x 7 recolors - Set 2

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2016 at 5:33 PM
Updated: 29th Nov 2020 at 4:50 PM - Fix transparency
Update : 29/11/2020 - Updated for the September 2020 update. Get to see through again, may it be in Baatu or Mount Komorebi All windows are in one folder. Pick and choose inside !

Already set 2!
We love those windows, and we made variations and added new ones :D
To be perfectly honest: they are the perfect add-on to Set 1.

The vatistas are great for summertime but autumn is upon us and in northern parts, it looks like winter is coming faster so those vatistas look nicer when closed.
That is exactly what we did.
18 windows fully closed, plain ( like bay windows ) or grid (like: smaller windows in a big window ! ) or combination of grid and not-grid!
Because, we're like that, we like to have options

  • 4 different sizes : 1x2, 1x3, 2x2 and 2x3
  • Grid or not
    • 10 Moony windows: with grid
    • 8 Sunny windows: without grid
  • 7 colours of wood for each window ( same colours as Set 1 )

The exception of the thin ( 1x3 ) and the big ( 2x3 ) window because it takes the complete wall height, the 2 other ones are repositionable up to 3/4 positions.

These objects are new meshes, they don't override anything, work fine in game, and the whole set is a new mesh
The Photonik windows are based on Pocci's work for the Sims 3

Category : Build > Windows
Price: 150

Polygon Counts:
Moony 1x2 AB: 434
Moony 1x2 C: 414
Moony 1x3 A: 564
Moony 1x3 B: 612
Moony 1x3 C: 548
Moony 2x2 C: 816
Moony 2x3 A: 1336
Moony 2x3 B: 1320
Moony 2x3 C: 1008
Moony 2x3 D: 956

Sunny 1x3 AB: 340
Sunny 1x3 C: 228
Sunny 2x2 A: 540
Sunny 2x2 B: 496
Sunny 2x2 C: 324
Sunny 2x3 A: 540
Sunny 2x3 B: 496
Sunny 2x3 C: 324

Additional Credits:
SketchUp Texture