"Hidden Bookcase Door" Empty and Slotted

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Uploaded 21st Nov 2017 at 9:57 PM

This is the "Hidden Bookcase Door" with its shelves cleared and slotted! It comes in the original three swatches, and can be found in the doors for short walls, and it's $300. IMPORTANT: You must have "Move Objects" on in order to place things on the shelves! You can do this by holding shift+ctrl+c, then typing bb.moveobjects. Or you can use this mod: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=558785


Even though the sims are fully able to walk through this door, items on the shelves DO NOT move with the door, so they will appear to be floating in midair. Again, they will not keep your sim from going through the door. Next, LOD2 is different than the other two, as in it's just a textured slab, it does not have the shelves (I figured this out the hard way when removing the stuff from them), so zooming all the way out may look a little funky. It's not very big of a deal because it's the lowest level of detail. Lastly, since the shelves are thin, only certain objects will fit. Make sure to check the other side of the door to see if anything is poking out. Even though this is a bookcase... books don't like to cooperate. XD

Feel free to edit in any way, just please upload it to this site so I can see it. Credit to me is optional. The last picture shows all slots filled so you can see how many there are.

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